A Visit to Kusamba Village Dawan Klungkung

On Friday, January 6, 2012 we visited Dusun Pande, precisely at Balai Banjar Pande, Kusamba Village, Dawan, Klungkung Regency. There we directly met 26 poor families in which most of them were old people and disabled people. The 26 poor families came from 6 Banjars such as Br. Sangging, Br. Pande, Br. Karangdadi, Br. Pasurungan, Br. Batur, and Br. Rame.

During this visit, came the representation from the Management & Staff of PT. Natan Hospitality Indonesia, one of the permanent donors of BCC; Bp. Mertadana, Wijana, Sumadi Arta, Yuyun, Natalia, Yanti, and Ketut Gumiartika, together with the BCC’s volunteers; Tania, Jasa, Dian and Kadek Suryani.

On that occassion, there were also:

  1. The Head of Dusun Pande : Bapak I Wayan Pande Widiarta
  2. Klian Banjar Pande : Bapak Pande Widiarsa

The 26 poor families are as listed below (the data is as attached) :

  1. Ni Kadek Ayu Juliastuti – Br. Sanggiang – Physically Disabled
  2. I Made Rumita – Br. Sanggiang – Physically Disabled
  3. I Ketut Arca – Br. Sanggiang – Physically Disabled
  4. I Wayan Sukerta – Br. Pande – Physically Disabled
  5. I Wayan Pande Artana – Br. Pande – Physically Disabled
  6. Ni Ketut Serni – Br. Pande – Physically Disabled
  7. I Nengah Rauh – Br. Karangdadi – Physically Disabled
  8. I Nengah Kantun – Br. Karangdadi – Physically Disabled
  9. I Nyoman Sipleg – Br. Pande – Physically Disabled
  10. I Ketut Pange – Br. Pasurungan – Physically Disabled
  11. I Wayan Suamba – Br. Pande – Physically Disabled
  12. I Wayan Cakra – Br. Pande – Physically Disabled
  13. I Wayan Tiara – Br. Pande – Physically Disabled
  14. I Wayan Sedah – Br. Pande – Mentally Disabled
  15. Ni Wayan Artini – Br. Pande – Mentally Disabled
  16. Ni Komang Pratiwi Rahayu – Br. Pande – Mentally Disabled
  17. Ni Ketut Sukarini – Br. Karangdadi – Mentally Disabled
  18. Pande Ketut Rai Arisandi – Br. Pande – Mentally Disabled
  19. Ni Wayan Rempig – Br. Pasurungan – Deaf
  20. Putu Edi Krisna Putra – Br. Pasurungan – Deaf
  21. I Ketut Kicen – Br. Karangdadi – Blind
  22. Ni Wayan Darma Astiti – Br. Karangdadi – Disabled
  23. I Ketut Pica – Br. Batur – Sick Old Man
  24. Ni Wayan Kari – Br. Karangdadi – Sick Old Woman
  25. I Wayan Sumerta – Br. Batur – Physically Disabled
  26. I Nengah Satib – Br. Rame – Sick Old Man

Here are some documentations taken:

Banjar Pande
Welcome Speech
Listening to the Speech
Listening to the Speech
Listening to the Speech
The Donations Delivery
The Donations Delivery
The Donations Delivery
The Donations Delivery
Natan & Village Officers
Natan Hospitality
The Village Officers

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