A Visit to Mount Agung’s Refugee at Klungkung Shelter

On 21 October 2017 Bali Caring Community distributed donation from Mako Brimob (Indonesia Mobile Brigade Corps) at Tohpati to Mount Agung Refugees at the following camp:

Shelter 4 (Srikandi 1, Srikandi 3, Srikandi 5, and Baladewa 1)
Address : Srikandi Street, Semarapura, Kelod Kangin, Klungkung
Total Refugees : 196 persons
Person in charge : Putu Gede Asnawa Dikta at 0822-3709-7150 and Nengah Sueca at 0856-3863- 077
Distributed Donation : 9 bags of vegetables package, 85 gallons of mineral water, and 20 pcs LPG gas.

This distribution was delivered by BCC Volunteer: Putu Gede Asnawa Dikta (0822-3709-7150).

The following are the documentation.

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