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Basic needs assistance


Nengah Kerti, Tiyingtali Village, Abang, Karangasem

Visit date: June 6, 2014 Name: I Nengah Kerti (Loyok) Job: Menial Worker Wife: Ni Nengah Sari Job: Paralyzed – cannot work Address: Dusun Celuk Mekar Sari, Tiyingtali Village, Abang Sub-district, Karangasem Regency Remarks: Poor  [ More... ]

Visting Several Villages in Klungkung Area

On Friday, April 18, 2014, we visited some poor families within several villages area of Dawan sub-district, Klungkung regency. Here is the list of those families: I Wayan Sikra, poor elderly at Br. Lekok, Sampalan  [ More... ]

A Visit to Renon, Denpasar

On Friday, April 4, 2014, we met 18 street sweepers who daily (from 08.00 to 16.00) worked on cleaning the Lapangan Bajra Sandi Niti Mandala Renon, Denpasar. And here are some documentations taken:

A Visit to Adegan Village, Nusa Penida

On Friday, March 21, 2014, we visited 60 poor families at Dusun Adegan, Ped Village, Nusa Penida Sub district, Klungkung Regency. The 60 families came from 2 Banjars of Dusun Adegan. They are: Br. Adegan  [ More... ]

A Visit to Desa Marga Dajan Puri, Tabanan

On Friday, March 7, 2014, we visited 95 poor families at Marga Dajan Puri Village, Marga Sub-district, Tabanan Regency. They came from several banjars within the area of Marga Dajan Puri Village, such as: Br.  [ More... ]

A Visit to Duda Timur Village, Selat, Karangasem

On Friday February 21, 2014, we visited 21 poor families at Duda Timur Village, Selat Sub District, Karangasem Regency. They came from several small villages (dusun) within the area of Duda Timur Village (Dutim) such  [ More... ]

Visits to Klungkung

On Friday, February 7, 2014, we visited Fajar II Orphanage located at Jl. WR. Supratman I no. 1, Klungkung. Then we visited some villages in Klungkung to deliver basic needs assistance from BCC donor, Ibu  [ More... ]

Visits to Gianyar and Bangli

On Friday January 24, 2014 we visited 2 poor families in Bukian village, Payangan sub district, Gianyar regency. Our visits were aimed at delivering packages of basic needs assistance for the two families chosen by  [ More... ]

Muhammadiyah Orphanage, Jembrana

Visiting Date: January 10, 2014 Secretary: Bpk. Indro Saptono, SE – phone. 081338675121 Caretaker: Ibu Dita – phone. 081338917965 Contact: (0365) 43455 Address: Jl. Pulau Nias No. 2, LC. Dauh Waru, Jembrana Foster Children: 29;  [ More... ]

Visiting Some Villages in Klungkung

On Friday, December 20, 2013, we visited 6 poor families in two 2 villages: Sampalan Kelod Village and Paksebali Village. Both villages are within the area of Dawan Sub District, Klungkung Regency. The 6 people  [ More... ]