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Basic needs assistance


A Visit to Sampalan Kelod Village Dawan Klungkung

On Friday, November 4, 2011 we visited the Sampalan Kelod Head Village’s office, Dawan sub-distric, Klungkung Regency. There, we directly met 49 poor families of Sampalan Kelod Village in which most of them were old-aged  [ More... ]

A Visit to Timpag Village Kerambitan Tabanan

On Friday, October 7, 2011, we had some visits to Timpag Village, Kerambitan District in Tabanan Regency. There, we met several poor families to deliver some reliefs. During our visit to the poor families, we  [ More... ]

A Visit to Belulang Village Penebel Tabanan

Yesterday on Friday, September 9, 2011, we visited Belulang village Penebel, Tabanan Regency. Luckily we have a good friend there, Bapak Fajar, originaly came from Wongaya Tabanan who was willing to take us to visit  [ More... ]

A Visit to Banjar Bucu Paksebali Village Klungkung

On Friday, August 5, 2011, we had another opportunity to visit the underdeveloped village, this time we visited Banjar Bucu Paksebali Kangin, Klungkung / Semarapura. We unintentionally met one of Banjar Bucu people who was  [ More... ]

A Visit to Gunaksa Village Klungkung

Today, Friday, July 1, 2011, along with the completion of our work program in Pengotan Village Bangli, we visit “new district”, Klungkung / Semarapura. Based on the information received, we visit Br. Kahuripan Kangin Banjarangkan  [ More... ]

The 6th Visit (Final) to Pengotan Village Bangli

Today, Friday, June 3 we had another visit to Pengotan Village Bangli. As usual we were waited by the head of Pengotan village, Bapak Wayan Arsana and then we were introduced to the Klian of  [ More... ]

The 5th Visit to Pengotan Village Bangli

On Friday, May 6, 2011, we visited Pengotan Village Bangli together with Evan. As usual, our visit was aimed to verify the BCC’s cow donations given to the poor families and to deliver aids and  [ More... ]

The 4th Visit to Pengotan Village Bangli

As usual, every Friday in the beginning of the month, in which on this occasion was held on April 1, 2011, we, together with Wisna and Ibu Dawn visited Pengotan village Bangli. Accompanied directly by  [ More... ]

The 3rd Visit to Pengotan Village Bangli

On March, 3, 2011, we visited Pengotan Village Bangli again. On this occasion, we visited 5 poor families receiving cows donation. This visit was also intended for verification. This is important thing to do to  [ More... ]

The 2nd Visit to Pengotan Village Bangli

As scheduled, today on Friday February 4, 2011, we are accompanied by Ibu Dawn to visit Pengotan Village Bangli. Arrived at the village office at 11.30, we met the head of Pengotan Village Bapak Wayan  [ More... ]