Donation for 95 children from poor family at Scavenger’s Village at Suwung Lanfill, Pesanggaran

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On May 24th 2018 we visited Scavenger’s Village at Suwung Lanfill, Pesanggaran, South Denpasar. There are about 500 poor families that work as scavenger who lived in bad sanitation around that landfill, most of them came from Banyuwangi, Probolinggo East Java and from Nusa Penida – Klungkung.


On that occasion we escorted our donor Ms. Agnes and her partner giving donation to 95 children from poor families that lived around the landfill. Donation given at that moment such as rice, snack package, soap, toothbrush, new clothes and used clothes.

Following are our documentation.

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