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Visit some poor citizen in Tabanan Regency

On June 3rd 2017 we visited some poor families to directly give aid from our donors as follows:

  1. Visiting I Gusti Ayu Komang Putri Diani (Female/9 years/Elementary School 3rd Class); orphan at Br. Denbantas, Denbantas Village, Tabanan, to giving aid including some daily need, 1 set of praying clothes and also cash aid Rp 100.000 from BCC Donor ; Mrs. Armini.
  2. Visiting I Nengah Metra and his wife Ni Nengah Wenten; poor elderly at Br. Wongaya Kaja, Wongaya Gede Village, Penebel, Tabanan to give cash aid Rp 636.000 from our donor; Alodia Dinnya Pratita.

That aid delivered by our volunteer from Tabanan Regency ; Ni Made Ayu Suastuti (0822-4746-3663).

Below are some handover assistance documentation.

Handover assistance to I Gusti Ayu Komang Putri

Food package
Food package
Prayer clothes
Praying clothes
Cash money
Cash donation

Handover assistance to I Nengah Metra

Nengah Metra