Wayan Repot, poor family live in Pejarakan Village, Gerokgak, Buleleng

Category: Buleleng, Poor Family

Date of visit : March 3rd 2017

Name : Wayan Repot (Male / 38 years old)

Occupation : Labor or farmer

Address : Banjar Goris, Pejarakan Village, Gerokgak, Buleleng Regency

Wife Name : Wayan Kandri (Female/ 38 years old)

Occupation : Farmer

Contact Person :

  • 0823-3982-9950 Concerned
  • 0853-3360-3315 Made Wiradnya, BCC Volunteer Buleleng Regency 

Category : Poor Family

Bank Account: Bank BRI, No.: 4754-01-007870-53-8, Beneficiary: I Wayan Repot

Regular Donor :

  1. I Gusti Ngurah Agung, 100.000 Rupiah per month starting May 2017
  2. Ratih Miranti, 100.000 Rupiah per month starting June 2017
  3. Please kindly contact us if you want to be regular donor for this family.

Update on May 20th, 2017; Wayan Repot received cattle assistance.


Wayan Repot and his wife have 3 children :

  1. First child : Female/Elementary School 5th Class
  2. Second child : Female/Elementary School 2nd Class
  3. Third child : Male/3 Years

First and second children goes to school ride by their parents, school location is not far away with their home.

Income source :

  • Wayan Repot work as a labor with daily wage as many as Rp 60.000,00 , he get to work 5 – 10 times a month, and the rest of day he work as a farmer
  • His wife also work as a farmer, no regular income, only when there is a harvest season.
  • To get another income they have livestock as many as 2 cows and 1 pig
  • They also sometime (once in 3 / 4 months) get rice from The Government as much as 3 kg with paying only Rp 6.000

Life expense : 

  • Free from education tuition, only pay for uniform, shoes and books.
  • Pocket money for his 1st child is Rp 3.000,00 daily, and 2nd child is Rp 2.000,00 a day

House condition : 

  • Bedroom : 1
  • Bed : 1
  • Mattress : 1
  • Other Room : Kitchen 
  • Soil Floored 
  • Wall made from bamboo
  • Asbestos roof 
  • Electricity available
  • Water source is available
  • Land state : tenant

The followings are the possible stuff to donate : 

  • Daily need or cash to purchase daily need
  • Money to fulfill/allowance for the child go to school 
  • Bike for the child to go to school or kid toys
  • School supply; bag, shoes, book, and stationary 
  • Cow or pig as a livestock 
  • Money to renovate the house or making simple house 

The followings are our documentations :

Back of the house
Back of the house

Address : Banjar Goris, Pejarakan Village, Gerokgak, Buleleng Regency
Coordinates: 8°08’48.9″S 114°35’33.1″E (View on Google Maps)

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