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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Donated 20 Cows to Poor Families in Desa Pengotan, Bangli

Together with Ms. Wisna from Bali Charity, we visited Desa Pengotan several times to distribute daily staples including rice and instant noodles to poor families in the area. We also evaluated the best way to implement the donation of 20 cows to the people of the area by taking the following points into consideration:

  • The idea of this programme is to get the receiving families actively involved in caring for a cow that will help improve their quality of life.
  • Elephant grass and other plants suitable for cows to eat grow well in this area.
  • The local community are already familiar with raising cows.
  • The resale potential and profits from raising cows is significantly higher than other livestock.
  • Cows are not considered sacrificial animals or are used for religious purposes in this area.

We collaborated with the District Head of Desa Pengotan, Mr. Wayan Arsana and one Community Leader in order to effectively implement this programme. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that it runs successfully and can continue well into the future for the benefit of other villagers in the area.

The principles of this programme were as follows:

  • We provided the funds to purchase 5 healthy young cows on a monthly basis for poor families that were been identified in the area. We returned to the area on a monthly basis until all 20 cows were purchased and placed with the families in need.
  • The amount allocated for the purchase of each cow was Rp.2.5 million. Each family was asked to actively participate in the purchase of a young female cow with the intent of breeding it.
  • We visited each family individually to verify that the cow was purchased and being accommodated accordingly.
  • From each cow that was donated, we will eventually take the first and third born calf and continue the programme and give to other poor villagers in the area.
  • Once the family have returned two calves to the programme, they retain 100% ownership of their donated cow.
  • We ask that the local community and village leaders carefully monitor this programme and ensure that two calves per family are passed on accordingly. This will guarantee the continuance of this programme for the benefit others in the area.

The first 20 cows were donated to the following impoverished families:

Nyoman Dadi’s Family
Wayan Mudarta’s Family
Wayan Rantin’s Family
Wayan Rawa’s Family
Wayan Tarnya’s Family
Ketut Purun’s Family
Men Kramen’s Family
Nengah Riwin’s Family
Nyoman Simpen’s Family
Wayan Molog’s Family
Ni Wayan Rame’s Family
Wayan Gunung’s Family
Wayan Suti’s Family
Darma’s Family
Nengah Rawi’s Family
Ketut Kawi’s Family
Ketut Seken’s Family
Wayan Kacung’s Family
Wayan Kencu’s Family
Wayan Temen’s Family

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