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Thursday, June 20, 2024

A Visit to East Duda Village, Selat, Karangasem

On Friday, September 6, 2013, we visited several poor families and handicapped people in Dusun Putung, East Duda Village, Selat District, Karangasem Regency.

The list of poor families is as follow (data attached):

  1. I Wayan Karya (permanent handicapped)
  2. Ni Made Karya
  3. Ni Wayan Jingga
  4. Ni Wayan Sukiana
  5. Ni Komang Srinakti (permanent handicapped)
  6. Ni Wayan Nurani
  7. I Wayan Nulaba
  8. Ni Wayan Rasih
  9. Ni Wayan Seniasih
  10. I Nyoman Meranggi
  11. I Gede Abian
  12. I Made Kaler
  13. Ni Made Kompiang
  14. I Wayan Putu Loka
  15. I Wayan Kalain
  16. Ni Nyoman Merta
  17. I Wayan Nurani

There were also several people attending this visit:

  • Made Puja, Bendesa Adat Putung
  • BCC volunteers: Bapak Niki, Mira Kus and Fedy Romamti

Due to the quite concerning condition, we have wrote seperate profile for Ni Komang Srinakti (permanent handicapped), I Wayan Nurani (elderly who lives alone), Ni Made Karya (elderly who lives alone), and I Wayan Karya (permanent handicapped).

We also visited a school which is in a very terrible condition, pre-school (PAUD) Abdi Lestari Kumara.

Here are some documentations that we could take.

Putung Village
Bendesa Adat Putung
With Bpk Bendesa
People Assembling
Ni Wayan Sukiana
Ni Komang Srinakti
Ni Wayan Jingga
I Wayan Nurani
Ni Made Karya
I Wayan Karya

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