A Visit to Nawa Kerti Village and Tista Village, Abang, Karangasem

On Friday, 21st September 2012 we visited two villages in Abang District, Karangasem Regency. They are Nawa Kerti and Tista Village.

At Nawa Kerti village we followed up Micro Finance Program, a  loan assistance program without interest provided for 6 poor families in that village.

At Tista village, precisely in the area of Banjar Dinas Ancut, we visited 5 RTMpoor families. Most of the people of Br. Ancut lived in the hilly area, their main occupation is farmers with help from the rain. Automatically, in dry season, they can’t grow plants; it’s impossible for them to plant on the hilly, hard and dry soil during dry season. When it is rainy season, they usually plant corn and sweet potato.

Accompanied by the Dusun Head of Ancut Bp. I Gede Narka, we followed a quite steep hill and visited 5 poor families as below:

  1. I Nengah Kota and his wife Ni Nyoman Siti – have 2 children attending the fourth grade of elementary school, the children have to walk for 1 hour to attend school at SD 1 Linggawana. The condition of their house is terrible; most part of their roof was broken and leaked.
  2. I Nyoman Reti and his wife Ni Luh Ribuk – lived with their daughter in law and their 2 grandchildren. His wife Ni Luh Ribuk has lost her memory for 20 years.
  3. I Wayan Kamasan and wife Ni Nyoman Remi.
  4. I Wayan Lutri and wife Ni Luh Sasih – lived with their children, daughter in law, and grandchildren. I Wayan Lutri is disabled because he fell from the palm tree while collecting palm wine, now he has to use the tools to be able to walk.
  5. I Nengah Remben and wife Ni Nyoman Anti – the condition of the roof of his house was broken, thus if it rains, it leaks. I Nengah Remben is also disabled, for the last 1 year he had to use crutch to be able to walk.

On those two occassions there come:

The head of Nawa Kerti Village: Bapak Nengah Rata
The head of Dusun Ancut: Bapak Gede Narka
BCC volunteers: Adi Arifin, Fedy Romamti, Rosdiana Sipayung, Melisa Giovani

Here are some documentations taken:
I Nengah Kota

I Nengah Kota
Istri, Nyoman Siti

I Nengah Remben

I Nengah Remben

I Nyoman Reti

Daughter in law
Daughter in law’s house

I Wayan Kamasan

Wayan Kamasan
Wife and son

I Wayan Lutri

I Wayan Lutri and wife
Wife, Luh Sasih
Almost crashed house
Son’s house


The illy area of Tista Village
Access to the villagers’ house of Tista Village
Discussion of the Microfinance Program

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