A Visit with Badung Central Government Staffs

On Friday, July 6, 2012, we had another opportunity to visit poor families together with  Badung Central Government Staff. This visit was focused on two poor families; 1 poor family was in Penarungan Village Mengwi, another 1 poor family was in Angantaka Village Abiansemal.

On that occassion, there were also:

  • Dra. Lastri – The Head of the Secretariat for Family Planning and Family Welfare (KBKS) of Badung Regency
  • Nita Elyazar – BKBKS staff of Badung Regency
  • Representatives of Penarungan Village and Angantaka Village
  • Representatives of UPT KBKS from each district
  • BCC Volunteers; Wayan Winawan, Fedy Romamti

Those two poor families are:

Further information and pictures are available on each family’s profile.

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