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Abdi Lestari Kumara Pre-School, Underdeveloped School, Selat, Karangasem

Date of Visit: September 6, 2013

Name: Abdi Lestari Kumara Pre-School

Number of Teacher: 3 persons

  1. Ni Wayan Murtini Asih
  2. Ni Ketut Asih Arini
  3. Ni Wayan Cenik

Number of students: 45 Children

Address: Dusun Putung, East Duda Village, Selat Sub District, Karangasem Regency.

Tags: Underdeveloped School

Update on November 23rd, 2016; Abdi Lestari Kumara Pre-School already received the following donations:

  • Flooring and wall painting
  • 5 learning table and 2 blackboard
  • 3 filing cabinets, 2 blackboard and 1 name board

Update on December 8th, 2017; the school has been renovated (new ceiling and wall painting).

Update on December 10th, 2018; Abdi Lestari Kumara Pre-School is being renovated (assistance from a foundation).

Update on March 14th, 2019; Abdi Lestari Kumara Pre-School received school renovation assistance.

Abdi Lestari Kumara pre-school was established in July 2009. At that time, they got funding from the government in the form of children’s toys which now in bad condition so they can not be used anymore.

The salary received by those 3 non-formal teachers amounted at Rp. 125.000, – per month per person which was paid through the Department of Education in every 3 months. Each student was required to pay Rp. 5.000, – per month to buy chalk, stationery, for school operations, and so forth.

School conditions: used building owned by Dusun Putung which looks more like a warehouse, containing the bamboo bale-bale, cabinets, and other furniture belonging to the village and then covered with a tarp. The room was small enough to accommodate 45 students who were very enthusiastic in studying. Poorly ventilated, crowded and jostled.

Your donation to the Abdi Lestari Kumara pre-school could be in form of teaching and learning equipment: stationery, notebooks/drawing books/story books, white board, desks and chairs, children’s toys, signage, lighting, donation to tidy up the classrooms, daily need package assistance for the teachers, etc.

Here are some of the documentation taken.

Outside the Building

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  1. Tentu bisa ibu, sukarelawan BCC wilayah Karangasem bisa mengantar ibu sampai lokasi. Mohon hubungi kami sebelumnya. Terima kasih.

  2. Ni Wayan Desi & Kevin Klak

    Dear BCC,

    Beberapa waktu lalu suami saya mengirim Email. Kami ingin mensupport mereka untuk tetap sekolah. Apakah kami bisa langsung mendatangi lokasi? karena kebetulan bulan depan kami akan berada diBali.

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