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Friday, July 12, 2024

About Us

Thank you for visiting the Bali Caring Community Site.

Bali Caring Community (BCC) is a dedicated group of concerned citizens who united to take action and address certain community-based issues that affect the people of Bali.

The idea to establish Bali Caring Community came about in mid 2009 and we secured the domain in November of that year. In early 2010 a percentage of profits from our hospitality company was allocated to support BCC activities.

Why did we choose Bali? The island of Bali is our home and many of us benefit from the thriving tourism industry. There are however others located in remote areas that have never experienced the positive effects of tourism. The spirit of BCC is all about the ability to share our good fortune and give back to the community and those in need.



We realise that we cannot solve all of Bali’s problems such as poverty singlehandedly. We hope to attract likeminded supporters who share our vision and are concerned about the future of our local community.

We believe that you care too and hope that you will join our quest.

Warm regards,
Kadek Sudarsana

Yayasan Perduli Bali (Bali Caring Community Foundation)
Jl. Pendidikan No. 86 Denpasar 80224 Bali, Indonesia
Telp: 0878-6194-3126, 0812-3999-3144 * Telegram: 0812-3999-3144
WhatsApp: 0878-6194-3126, 0812-3999-3144 * LINE: 0878-6194-3126, 0812-3999-3144
info[at] *

Notary: Ni Luh Ary Widiastuthi, S.H, M.Kn on 18 April 2011 No. 04
Register ID: PEM.764/WPJ.17/KP.0203/2011
Ministerial decree: AHU-3651.AH.01.04.2011
Tax ID: 31.313.785.3-903.000

Bank Name: Bank BRI
Branch: Diponegoro Denpasar
Account Number: 0571-01-000117-30-3
Swift Code: BRINIDJA

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