Bali Caring Community

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Help Us

Please assist us to help Balinese villagers in need through the following ways:

1. Money or Goods

You can donate money, clothing, rice or daily necessities directly to those in need. We will take you to these remote areas to meet these impoverished families and distribute these goods.

Our bank account:
Bank Name: Bank BRI
Branch: Diponegoro Denpasar
Account Number: 0571-01-000117-30-3
Swift Code: BRINIDJA

Our mailing address:
Yayasan Perduli Bali (Bali Caring Community Foundation)
Jl. Pendidikan No. 86 Denpasar 80224 Bali, Indonesia

2. Knowledge

If you have agricultural knowledge or experience, please assist us to establish a rural economic development program in the poor remote villages of Bali.

3. Education/Work Placement

To escape the vicious poverty cycle, you can share your skills and knowledge to help train villagers to gain new skills and use your contacts or businesses to help them find employment.

4. Foster Parenting

Volunteer to be a foster parent and support a child in need by taking responsibility for all education and daily living costs. We will assist in finding a prospective candidate from a remote Balinese village.

5. Transportation

Provide a vehicle to support our regular BCC activities.

6. Storage

Provide space to store goods that have been donated to BCC that will be sorted and distributed accordingly.

7. Volunteers

We need dedicated volunteers to plan and implement BCC activities in different areas.

8. Miscellaneous

We continue to seek poor families, orphanages, old age facilities or remote villages in need. Please pass on any relevant information that you may have.

We also need help to:

  • Document our activities for this website
  • Promote BCC activities
  • Maintain this website
  • Provide ideas for new activities
  • And so on…

All help is gratefully accepted.

2 thoughts on “Help Us”

  1. @Dewi. Hi, you can help us checking the grammar of our English web page. We could send some pages if you would. My Whatsapp: +6281236330888. Thank you.

  2. Halo!
    Nama saya Dewi. Saya tinggal baru di bali untuk bulan 3, Dan saya minta bantu orang orangnya bali!
    Masih saya belajar bahasa indonesia. Saya dari inggris!
    Kalau saya bisa bantu organisasimu, tolong kirim email ke atau WhatsApp di +6281337213xxx
    Saya bisa kasih waktu!

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