Baby Stroller for Ikhsan (M, 10), disabled child in Cupel Village, Negara, Jembrana

On August 28, 2015 BCC donated a stroller for Ikhsan, a disabled child in Br. Kembang, Cupel Village, Negara district, Jembrana. We had consulted with the team member of division of special needs child and they suggested to give stroller, because the wheelchair does not fit to the kid, can damage posture of his spine. The donation has been given through the Community of Jembrana.

Details about the child :

  • Name: Moh Ikhsan Nawawi (L / 10 years), the youngest of five siblings, physical disability; no hands nor feet.
  • Address: Br. Kembang, Cupel Village, Negara district , Jembrana
  • Name of Father: Aramin (55 years), job: masseur
  • Mother’s Name: Mariatin (52 years)

Here are some documentation pictures:




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