Bike and Walking Aid Donation for Made Srianten Family in Buleleng

On 6th January 2017, we gave donation of 1 bicycle and one pair of walking stick for Made Srianten family; poor family at Banjar Dinas Nyuh, Lemukih village, Sawan district, Buleleng regency.

The bike was aid for second child of Made Srianten; Made Dwi Adnyani (girl, 9 y/o, 3rd grade elementary). The walking sticks was for Made Srianten spouse after surgery; which she fell from clove tree when work as picking labor 3 months ago.



The donation was from Mr. Grant Wills which delivered by local village authority (Mr. Gede Gunasari 0819-9909-6741) and received directly by Made Srianten family.

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