Blood Donation Program with Natan Hospitality

On January 21, 2012, we and Natan Hospitality Indonesia held blood donation program in cooperation with Indonesian Red-cross from Denpasar region. Themed “Let’s share through a drop of blood”, this blood donation program was held in the office of Natan Hospitality Indonesia, Jl. Bedugul No. 47 A, Sidakarya. Heavy rain didn’t seem to dampen the spirit of both the donor participants and Indonesian Red-cross of Denpasar. At 9 o’clock in the morning, all preparation had been finished. The blood donation program was then started by registration and medical check up for the donor participants. The medical check up was carried out by the doctor in charge.

This program involved the management and staffs of Natan Hospitality Indonesia, as a manifestation of their concern for others through the help of blood donation. The blood sacs are often needed to help the victims of natural disaster happened across Indonesia. In addition, the blood sacs are also needed in hospitals for patients and the victims of certain accidents. This blood donation program is expected to bring benefits for those who need it.

Here are some documentation pictures captured:


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