Cerebral Palsy

Date of Visit: 6 August 2016 Name: I Nyoman Sudira (male / 41) Occupation: makes incense sticks, installs stone flooring Address: Banjar Wanayu, Bedulu village, Blahbatuh sub district, Gianyar regency Wife’s Name: Ni Made Artini (female / 38) Occupation: assists her husband making incense while looking   read more...
Date of visit : 20th of November 2015 Name : Ni Ketut Metri (F/45 yo) Occupation : House wife/taking care of her son Address : Br. Kutri, Singapadu Tengah Village, Sukawati Sub-District, of Gianyar Regency Husband : I Nyoman Sudarta (M/52 yo) Occupation : construction worker Contact Number : 081916457449   read more...

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