Charity with Toyota Land Cruiser Indonesia (TLCI Bali) to Fillial School of SDN 3 Tulamben

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As published before, in accordance with the 2nd birthday celebration of the Community of Toyota Land Cruiser Indonesia, Bali, (TLCI Bali), they, together with BCC garnering supports for Fillial SDN 3 Tulamben; underdeveloped school in Muntig Village, Kubu, Karangsem. Later, On Sunday 7th December 2014, we delivered the donation to Fillial SDN 3 Tulamben.


The event was attended by:

  • Head of Education Authorities of Karangasem Regency
  • Member of Muspida of Karangasem Regency
  • Member of Muspika of Kubu Sub-district
  • Head of Muntig Village
  • Head of Desa Pakraman Muntig
  • Klian Adat and Dinas of Muntig Village
  • Head of TLCI Bali
  • Head & Team of TLCI Bali’s 2nd Birthday Committee
  • Principal & Teacher of SDN 3 Tulamben
  • Members of TLCI Bali

Here is the documentations taken.


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