Dadong Ampel, a poor elderly who lives from selling “Ceper”

Date of Visit: April 10th 2015

Name: Men Raji (Dadong Ampel)

Sex/Age: F/around 80 yo

Occupation: making and selling ‘Ceper’; a traditional craft to put an offering which is made from palm or coconut leaves.

Address: Br. Babung, Desa Gunaksa, Kecamatan Dawan, Kabupaten Klungkung

Information: Lonely Poor Elderly

Update on 25 September 2015: Dadong Ampel received housing assistance donation.

Update on 10 June 2016: the documentation housing assistance of Dadong Ampel.

It would be very grateful if you would like to be her permanent contributor. We would be very pleased to provide a special bank account under her name, therefore you can donate directly.


Men Raji or well known as Dadong Ampel F/around 80 yo lives in the middle of a field with her son which is not married yet. The field is not hers but belong to someone else. Dadong Ampel has worked there for years.

Actually she has 5 children; 3 sons and 2 daughters; 4 of them were already married and live with their families. The last child (her son) is not married yet and he is working as free labor.

She works as a “ceper” maker for living. “In a day I can earns IDR 7.000” said her in Balinese.

House condition; the floor was made from cement but it has broken anyway, she sleeps on a carpet without any mattress or pillows, no electricity or water available.

Donation for Dadong Ampel can be inform of basic groceries, mattress, pillows, and other house utilities or funds to buy daily life needs.

Below are some of the documentations that we could make.

Dadong Ampel
Place for Worship

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