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Friday, December 9, 2022

Dadong Wayan Sarnu, a less fortunate elderly at Dusun Marga Garuda, DesaPejarakan, Gerokgak, Buleleng

Date of Visit: 8 November 2019

Name: Dadong Wayan Sarnu (Female/ around 80 years old)

Occupation: unable to work due to old age

Address: Dusun Marga Garuda, Desa Pejarakan, Gerokgak, Buleleng

Contact number: 0853-3360-3315 – Made Wiradnya; BCC volunteer Buleleng area

Category: less fortunate elderly

We have tried to make a bank account for Dadong however it was unsuccessful due to many reason. Should you wish to donate, we will deliver the goods or funds every three months. We will send you the documentation of the delivery through email or WhatsApp.

Regular Donor:

  1. Kindly contact us should you wish to be a regular donor for him.


Dadong Wayan Sarnu lives alone in her house, her husband has passed away and her only daughter has married and lives in Desa Sumberkima (in the same suburb). Not so far from where she lives, her grandchildren live with their own family, which also under privilege.

Source of income: Dadong could no longer work due to her old age, sometime she looks for woods so she could use it to cook (not to be sold). She doesn’t have an income. For her daily food, she rely on help from her daughter, her granddaughter or her neighbour.

Housing condition: her house is on the side of the main road.

  • Bed room: 1
  • Bed base: 1
  • Bed: 1
  • Other room: kitchen, praying room
  • Cemented floor
  • Wall from woven bamboo
  • Clay roof
  • Electricity access
  • Water from the well
  • Land Status: privately owned

Should you wish to help Dadong, please kindly donate:

  • Groceries or fund to buy the daily needs
  • Walking Stick

Below are some photos that we have taken

Address: Dusun Marga Garuda, Desa Pejarakan, Gerokgak, Buleleng
Coordinates: 8°08’26.9″S 114°34’48.9″E (View on Google Maps)

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