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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

“Dana Punia” Orphanage, Singaraja

Date of Visit: November 8, 2013

Matron: Ibu Putu Mahyuni Erwina

Head: Bapak Gede Arba Dana

Phone: 08123976972

Address: Jl. Pulau Timor, West Banyuning Area, Banyuning Village, Buleleng Sub District, Singaraja Regency

Caretaker: 4 persons

Foster Children: 50 persons; 20 Junior High School aged children, 27 Senior High School aged children, 3 college students

Bank Account: Bank BRI, No.: 0088-01-026417-50-4, Beneficiary: Panti Asuhan Dana Punia

Regular Donor:

  1. Please contact us if you would like to become a regular donor.
Anak-anak Panti Asuhan Dana Punia Singaraja

On that occasion, we met Bapak Gede Arba Dana; the head of Dana Punia Foundation. This foundation owns and manages some schools start from pre-school to college. Common people who learned at those schools pay school fee like the other school, but the schools are free for the foster children. Dana Punia Orphanage handles 50 foster children, mostly come from poor families in Singaraja area.

In order to fulfil their needs, this orphanage mostly got donation from the society, especially from the government via Social Service Department at Rp. 3.500/day/child for 30 children.

Your donation to this orphanage can be in form of:

  • Food and groceries: rice, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, oil, spices, milk, tea, sugar, instant noodle.
  • Bath, washing, & cleaning equipment: detergent, soap, tooth paste, tooth brush, shampoo, floor cleaner, dish cleaner, broom, mop.
  • Fund to support the orphanage’s operational cost such as: electricity, water bill, phone bills, etc.

Here are some documentations taken.

Yayasan Dana Punia
Dana Punia Foundation
Pendiri Yayasan
The Founder
Panti Dana Punia
Dana Punia Orphanage
Ketua Yayasan
The Head of the Foundation
Welcome Speech
Anak Anak Panti
The Foster Children
Pintu Gerbang
The Gate
Sedang Renovasi
Sedang Renovasi
Kamar Tidur
Tempat Tidur
Tempat Tidur
Tempat Tidur
Tempat Tidur
Tempat Tidur
Lemari Pakaian
Ruang Belajar
Balinese Instrument
Membuat Bakso
Cooking Meatballs

2 thoughts on ““Dana Punia” Orphanage, Singaraja”

  1. Dear Mrs. Amanda Perryman, thank you for your message. Please contact the head of the orphanage: Bapak Gede Arba Dana at 08123976972 to arrange the visit. The complete address of the orphanage is Jl. Pulau Timor, Lingkungan Banyuning Barat, Desa Banyuning, Kec. Buleleng, Kab. Singaraja.

  2. Amanda Perryman

    Hello my name is Amanda Perryman my husband and I will be in Singaraja Bali from May 17-27 and would love to visit if possible and see how we could help.

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