Destawan Orphanage Buleleng

Category: Orphanage

Date of visit : December 6, 2013

Head of orphanage : Ketut Sutersina

Phone : 081915685757

Address : Dusun Kanginan, Sawan village, Buleleng Sub distric

Care taker : 5 persons

Foster Children : 35 persons, 12 primary school-aged children, 4 junior high school-aged children, 11 high school-aged children, 8 college students.

Bank Account: Bank BRI, No: 4757-01-005208-53-3, Beneficiary: Panti Asuhan Destawan

Regular Donor:

  1. Please contact us if you would like to become a regular donor.
Anak-Anak Panti Asuhan Destawan Buleleng

Destawan foundation was established on February 9, 2009. Currently, they have 35 foster children, mostly come from needy families within Buleleng areas.

For children’s school fee from primary to high school, the head of orphanage, Ketut Suterisna, has to talk to the school principals at almost every semester, so that the foster children can attend school without having to pay school fees. 8 Excel children had received scholarship for university level while the others should end their education at high school level.

In order to fulfill their needs, this orphanage relies on public donation. In the past, this orphanage had received financial assistance at Rp 3000/day/child from the government for once. For food supply, the foster children also raise cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, gooses and cat fishes.

Your donation to this orphanage can be in form of:

  • Food and groceries: rice, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, oil, spices, milk, tea, sugar, instant noodle.
  • Bath, washing, and cleaning equipment: detergent, soap, tooth paste, tooth brush, shampoo, floor cleaner, dish cleaner, broom, mop.
  • Fund to support the orphanage’s operational cost, such as: electricity bill, water bill, phone bills, etc.

Here are some documentations taken.

Panti Asuhan Destawan
Destawan Orphanage
Anak-Anak Panti
Foster Children
Anak-Anak Panti
Foster Children
Asrama Laki-Laki
Boys’ Dormitory
Asrama Perempuan
Girls’ Dormitory
Ruang Belajar
Ruang Belajar
Tempat Tidur
Tempat Tidur
Tempat Tidur
Tempat Tidur
Kamar Mandi
Ternak Ayam
Ternak Sapi
Ternak Babi
Ternak Bebek

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  1. Admin says:

    Dear Mr/s. Frits en Diana van der Giessen,
    Thank you for your email.
    Yes please put our website on your website.
    Thanks again, Kadek BCC.

  2. Frits van der Giessen says:

    we are donators of this yayasan.
    I think we met you on 6 december 2013 in the panti asuwan Sawan.
    3 days ago we met I Nyoman Sedana and talk with him.
    Our question is can we put your website on our website?
    Our website is :
    Our Facebook is : Ons Weeshuis Yayasan Bali.

    Greetings Frits en Diana van der Giessen.

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