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Friday, July 12, 2024

Direct Funding Aid Program

This program makes it possible for you as a donor to send direct funds to a less-fortunate person/family of your choosing.

Bali Caring Community has surveyed and assessed hundreds of less-fortunate families around Bali since 2010 and the results have been posted on the BCC website. An exacting assessment/survey process is in place and only people/families who match our criteria will be featured on the website.

Should you wish to donate directly, please follow these steps:

1. Choose the person/family that you would like to help

a) Based on a specific condition:

b) Based on location:

2. Inform us of the following:

  • Name of the person/family that you would like to help.
  • Your full name or initials so we can post these details on the BCC website. 
  • Amount of funding; choose between the options of Rp. 50.000 or Rp. 100.000 per person/per month.
  • Tell us when you would like to start your donation and for how long.

We suggest that the monthly donation amount should be around Rp 50.000-Rp 100.000 for these reasons: 

  • The donation should not appear to be “extravagant” to the recipient. Instead, it is provided only to fulfill his/her basic needs. We do not wish for the recipient to be continually dependent on help from others.
  • If you have extra funds to donate, you could help another person or family to reduce the number of less fortunate families. This is based on the consideration that there are still many people that require help.
  • For example; it is better to help five people/families, each with Rp 100.000 compared to helping just one person with a Rp 500.000 donation.
  • Gives other donors the opportunity to help the person/family. 

3. Bank account for the recipient 

  • If the person/family that you have chosen has a personal bank account, you do have the option to start transferring funds to his/her account instead of via BCC’s bank account.
  • If the person/family that you have chosen does not have a personal bank account, we will open a bank account under his/her name* Once this step is complete, you will be able to directly transfer funds to that account. 

BCC volunteers will coordinate with a local authority (banjar/local village authority) to open a bank account for your chosen person/family. We will accompany the person to the nearest BRI/BPD Bank branch and show them how to withdraw cash from their account. This bank account is for the less-fortunate person and will be under his/her name, not under BCC or a BCC volunteer/local authority name. 

4. Evidence of transfer

It is compulsory for donors to send evidence of funds that has been transferred to us through:

Email: asti[at]
WhatsApp/Line: 0813-3830-4000

If we do not receive evidence of funds being transferred for three consecutive months, we will automatically assume that you have chosen to stop being a regular donor.

5. Overseas donors

If your live overseas, the donation can be transferred via PayPal to the BCC account: Afterwards, we will transfer the donation to the bank account of your chosen recipient. We will send evidence of this transfer to you via Email or WhatsApp.

We will transfer the exact amount of funds that have been forwarded to us without any deductions, including the bank’s transfer fee. BCC will cover the bank’s transfer fee.

6. Limitation of monthly fund

This monthly funding aid program is to help those less-fortunate fulfill their basic needs. Once the fund exceeds a certain amount (Rp 300.000-Rp 400.000, depending on the situation of each family), we suggest that you to choose another person/family that has not yet received assistance.

7. Update of current condition

In certain situations, where a person/family is no longer suitable to receive monthly financial assistance, we will inform you to stop the donation or change the recipient.

These situations may include: the recipient has passed away, the recipient has misused the funds, the financial condition of the family has improved, etc.

8. How to stop being a donor

Should you wish to stop your donation or change the recipient, please inform us through Email: kadek[at] or WhatsApp/Line: 0813-3830-4000. If you don’t send evidence of funds being transferred for three consecutive months, we will assume that you have chosen to stop being a regular donor. In the event of this happening, we will then delete your name/initials from our list of active donors.

9. Others

  • For irregular donations, please choose a recipient that already has a bank account. You may transfer directly to their bank account and send the evidence of transfer through Email to asti[at] or WhatsApp/Line: 0813-3830-4000
  • You also have the option of being a regular/irregular donor for Orphanage
  • For further info, please contact us via Email to: kadek[at]

Now it is the time to decide who would you would like to help, and you can directly send funds to that person/family. This is all part of BCC’s working concept to maximize Direct Donation, where you will no longer need an intermediary to sponsor those in need.

On this page you may view the list of the donors who regularly send funds to those less-fortunate in Bali.

Questions, suggestions / input please fill out the comment form below. Thank you.

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