Fajar II Orphanage, Klungkung

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Visiting Date: February, 7, 2014

  • Alie S. Nabhan – 0818556555
  • Imam Sobri – 081999251696

Phone: (0366) 25332, 23324, 081933043257
Address: Jl. WR. Supratman I no. 1 Klungkung

Number of Foster Children: 50 children


Fajar II Orphanage has 50 foster children; 21 of them lived in the orphanage, while the other 29 children lived with their parents/family at home. Every month, the orphanage hold a meeting with all foster children who don’t live in the orphanage.

The orphanage was borne all living expenses and school fees for all children start from elementary school to senior high school. Fortunately, school fees of the children are discounted up to 50% by nearby schools. For children with certain achievements, the orphanage will find them foster parents to enable them continuing their study at college.

The orphanage only has 6 bedrooms; 3 bedrooms for the boys (south) and 3 bedrooms for the girls (north). They are currently build 6 additional bedroom so that girls and boys dormitories can be separated, set in different location. The construction has been started since 3 years ago and has reached 50% due to limitation of fund.

Fajar II orphanage won 2nd place for the best muslim orphanage in Bali. The first place was grabbed by Muhammadiyah Orphanage, Jembrana. Fajar II Orphanage almost has no permanent donors. Mostly, assistance for this orphanage are given incidentally. Fund received from the Social Department of Indonesia is at Rp. 5000 per day per child.

Your donation to Fajar II Orphanage can be in form of:

  • Food and cooking supplies such as rice, meats, fishes, vegetables, fruits, cooking oils, and spices.
  • Bathing and washing equipments such as detergent, soaps, tooth pastes, tooth brushes, shampoo, and dish soaps.
  • Fund to continue the construction of girls dormitory, school fees, operational purpose such as: electricity, water bill, etc.

Documentations taken are as follow:

1 PA Fajar Dua_s
Fajar II Orphanage
2 Tampak Depan_s
Front View
3 Pengurus Panti_s
The Caretakers
4 Pengurus & BCC_s
Caretakers and BCC
5 Anak Anak Panti_s
Foster Children
6 Anak Anak Panti_s
Foster Childreni
7 Ruang Serbaguna_s
Function Room
8 Asrama Putri_s
Girls’ Dormitory
9 Tempat Tidur_s
10 Tempat Tidur_s
11 Dapur_s
12 Pembangunan Asrama_s
Dormitory Construction
13 Struktur Organisasi_s
Structure of Organization
14 Visi Misi_s
Vision and mission
15 Data Anak Asuh_s
Foster Children Database

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