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Friday, December 9, 2022

Gede Sarimawan, Poor Family at Br. Dinas Desa, Lemukih, Sawan, Buleleng

Date of Visitation : 18 November 2016

Name : Gede Sarimawan (M/40 years old)

Occupation : Farm labour / labour

Address : Br. Dinas Desa, Lemukih village, Sawan sub district, Buleleng regency

Wife’s Name : Wayan Kertiasih (F/40 years old)

Occupation : Housewife

Contact Person :

  • 0878-6142-7544, Village Secretary in charged of Lemukih; Ketut Arsana (Mr)
  • 0819-9909-6741, Head of Rural Development of Lemukih; Gede Gunasari (Mr)
  • 0819-3667-7020, Head of the Village Public Welfare of Lemukih; Made Astrawan (Mr)

Category : Poor Family

We are pleased to assist anybody who is willing to be regular donor by opening bank account for this family to facilitate direct contact.


Gede Sarimawan and his wife have three children, as follow:

  1. Made Juliawan (M/12 years old/Grade 5 Elementary School)
  2. Komang Krisna Adi Putrawan (M/9 years old/ Grade 3 Elementary School)
  3. Ketut Sriwedari (F/6 years old/ have not attended formal school)

Made and Komang have to go to school on foot for around 30 minutes everyday.

Income Source:

  • Gede Sarimawan: Works as farm labour with IDR 70.000 per day. He commonly works 20 days per month
  • Wayan Kertiasih: Housewife with no additional income
  • This family receives 5 kg Raskin per month (Rice free distribution from the government) 

Living Cost:

  • Free educational school fee for their children
  • Daily allowance for the children IDR 2.500 per child per day

Home Condition:

  • Total bed room: 1
  • Total bed: 1
  • Total Mattress: 1(for sleeping 5 people) 2 of them in the bed with mattress and the rest in the floor with carpet only.
  • Cementing floor
  • Batako and Bamboo wall
  • Asbestos roof
  • Electricity available
  • Water available
  • Kitchen in the terrace
  • Land Status : Ownership
  • House Location: around 1,2 km from main street, accessible by motorcycle

Your donation can be in form:

  • matrass and pillow
  • daily need or cash for purchasing daily need
  • cash for children daily allowance
  • bike for the children
  • school equipment : backpack, shoes, book, and stationery
  • cash for house renovation (wall)

The following is the documentation.

Wayan Kertiasih
Wayan Kertiasih
Back of the house
Back of the house

Below please find a video documentation which we took on 18 November 2016.

Address : Br. Dinas Desa, Lemukih village, Sawan sub district, Buleleng regency
Coordinates: 8°11’35.7″S 115°11’25.8″E (View on Google Maps)

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