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Friday, December 9, 2022

Kadek Wintari, an orphan in Dusun Lakah, Sidatapa Village, Banjar, Buleleng

Visit: 20 May 2021

Name: Kadek Wintari (Female / 11 years old / 4th grade Elementary School)

Address: Dusun Lakah, Sidatapa Village, Banjar District, Buleleng Regency

Grandfather’s Name: Made Sena (M / 65 years)

Occupation: weaving bamboo crafts

Contact number: 0813-3930-4736, Putu Sudarya – local resident

Category: orphan

Bank Account: Bank BRI No.: 4759-01-003476-50-2, Beneficiary: Kadek Wintari

Permanent Donors:

  1. Dayu Kurnia, 100.000 Rupiah per month starting September 2021
  2. Cecilia Febrina Sihasale, 100.000 Rupiah per month starting July 2022
  3. Please contact us if you wish to become a regular donor for her.

Kadek Wintari lives with her grandfather and grandmother, both of her parents died when she was still a baby. Her grandfather’s condition has pain in his knees and waist, he has difficulty standing or walking, and has to use a walking stick.

Source of income:

  • Her grandparents worked weaving / making bamboo crafts such as tampah etc. to sell. Within a month they can earn around Rp. 150,000, –

Cost of living:

  • Free school tuition. Pay clothing and book fees once a year or if necessary.
  • Pocket money: Rp. 5,000 per day

House condition: decent enough. They have received home renovation assistance. However, some parts of the roof are leaking.

  • Number of bedroom: 2
  • Number of divan: 2
  • Number of mattress: 2
  • Another room: kitchen
  • Tiled floor
  • Brick and plywood walls
  • The roof is made of zinc, some parts are leaking
  • There is electricity
  • There is no water, they asked for water from a neighbor’s house
  • Land status: own

Your assistance to this family can be in the form of:

  • Groceries or financial assistance to buy daily necessities
  • Funding for children’s school fees / pocket money
  • Aid for children’s school supplies; bags, shoes, books and stationery
  • Funds for renovating the house (roof is leaking)

If you have ever provided assistance to Kadek Wintari, please fill out the comment form below, write down the assistance you have provided and update on her latest condition. This information will be very useful for donors who want to visit her or provide assistance to her.

Here are some photos we took.

Address: Dusun Lakah, Sidatapa Village, Banjar District, Buleleng Regency
Coordinates: 8°12’44.7″S 114°59’29.1″E (View on Google Maps)

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