Ketut Putra, a Poor Family in Banjar Macang, Macang Village, Bebandem, Karangasem

Date of visit: July 24, 2020

Name : Ketut Putra (M / 45 years)

Job : odd job worker

Address: Dusun Macang, Macang Village, Bebandem District, Karangasem Regency

Wife’s Name: Komang Mari (F / 30 years old)

Job: odd job worker

Contact number:

  • 0852-3840-0091, I Wayan Sudarsana – BCC Volunteer in the Karangasem
  • 0878-5688-5494, Nyoman Pasma Suantara – Head of Dusun Macang

Category: underprivileged family

Bank Account: Bank BPD Bali, No.: 022 02.02.51460-3, Beneficiary: I Ketut Putra

Permanent Donors:

  1. Luh Dewi Antika Sari, 100.000 Rupiah per month starting December 2020
  2. Please contact us if you want to be a permanent donor for this person.

Update on October 2nd, 2020; Ketut Putra has received electrical installation assistance.


Ketut Putra and his wife have 1 child (M / 3.5 years old / not yet in school). The condition of his wife’s right eye is blind, her child’s condition is normal.

Source of income:

  • Ketut Putra and his wife work as odd job workers with a salary of @ Rp. 50,000 per day, when the economic situations are quiet like now they can work 3 times a month.
  • To get additional income they also raise a cow owned by their neighbor.
  • This family received 5-10 kg of rice (for the poor) from the government per month.

House Condition:

  • Number of bedrooms: 1
  • Number of beds: 2
  • Number of mattresses: 2
  • Other rooms: kitchen
  • The ground as floor
  • Walls from brick, woven bamboo, and used sacks
  • Zinc roof
  • There is no electricity, it has just been cut off, before they use their neighbor’s electricity.
  • Water is not available, they get water from a well by walking as far as 1 km
  • Land status: not owned.

Your assistance to this family can be in the form of:

  • Basic food or financial assistance to buy daily necessities
  • Assistance with bicycles or children’s toys
  • Assistance with cattle
  • Funding assistance for making a simple houses
  • Electricity assistance

If you have ever provided assistance to this person, please fill in the comment form below, write down the help you have provided and update the latest conditions. This information will be very useful for donors who want to visit / provide assistance to this person.

Here are some photos we took.

Address: Dusun Macang, Macang Village, Bebandem District, Karangasem Regency.
Coordinates: 8°27’04.4″S 115°32’55.4″E (View on Google Maps)

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