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Friday, July 12, 2024

Ketut Sembah, Penarungan Village Mengwi Badung

Visiting Date: July 6, 2012

Name: I Ketut Sembah

Occupation: Construction laborer, Casual laborer

Wife: Ni Wayan Tomi Budiasih

Occupation: Housewife

Children: 2 persons

Adress: Br. Blumbang, Penarungan Village, Mengwi District, Badung Regency

Remarks: Poor Family

I Ketut Sembah has 2 children, 1 daughter who is in third grade of the elementary school and a 3-years-old son.

I Ketut Sembah works as construction labourer, but it’s not a regular job.  To fulfill his family daily needs, he works as casual worker. He doesn’t have any permanent work, often he doesn’t get any job at all.

His house is unfinished; the sash for the window is not attached yet, the floor is covered with plastic sheet, the rooms are separated with used banner, chairs and other furnitures are almost broken.

Your donation to this family can be in form of school fee for his children, cash donation to help finishing his house, basic needs assistance, clothes, furnitures, toys for children, etc.

Here are some documentations taken.

Tempat Tidur
Tempat Tidur
Banner Separates the Room
Living Room
Happy to Get the Toy

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