Ketut Suriani, Poor Widow with 2 children, and a tumble-down house, at Nusa Penida

Date of visit: Friday, November 21, 2014

Name: Ni Ketut Suriani (F/34 y.o)

Occupation: Farmer

Husband: I Made Karsa (passed away 2 years ago)

1st child: I Ketut Agus Putra (M/6 y.o/kindergarten)

2nd child: I Wayan Balik Samputra (M/2,5 y.o/toddler)

Address: Br. Pundu Kaha Kelod, Bunga Mekar village, Nusa Penida sub district, Klungkung Regency

Remark: Poor Family

Bank Account: Bank BRI unit Batununggul, No.: 4745-01-011138-53-9, Beneficiary: Ni Ketut Suriani


  1. ACI, IDR 100.000 per month, from January 2015
  2. Angelmartz Uluwatu, 100.000 Rupiah per month starting June 2017
  3. Please contact us to become a sponsor

Update on 22 April 2016: we have got an information Ketut Suriani received housing assistance.


After the death of her husband two years ago, Ketut Suriani struggle alone to support the live of her two little children. Everyday, Ketut works as farmer in rain-fed farm next to her house. In dry season like these days, there’s almost no plants can survive in that dry garden.

The condition of her house is very poor; there is only one hut for all activities; bedroom, kitchen, dining, etc. all in that one small hut. The house floor was only made from dirt, the walls was made from woven bamboo that is almost completely broken/have many holes, the roof was made from reeds which is also rotten/have many holes, surely if the rain comes – the raindrops will rush into the house. Beds for the three of them are very small in size, without mattress, without pillows. No tables, cabinets, or other house appliances.

Your help for this family can be in form of fund for house renovation, fund for school fee, food assistance, mattresses and pillows, or other household appliances.

If you want to visit them, BCC is willing to take you to her house, or you can also contact the BCC Volunteer of Nusa Penida region; Bp. Wayan Urip at 081 236 535 261.

Here’s the documentation we took.

Ketut Suriani’s Family
Broken Wall and Roof

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