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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Komang Srinakti, East Duda Village, Selat, Karangasem

Date of visit: September 6, 2013

Name: Ni Komang Srinakti

Sex: Female

Age: 21 years old

Address: Dusun Putung, Duda Village East, Selat District, Karangasem Regency.

Tags: Handicapped and Poor Families

Update on 5th February 2021; Komang Srinakti has died.

Ni Komang Srinakti has some impairments, such as paralyzed, deaf, speech impaired, and mental retardation. Her sister who also suffered from the same defect died 3 years ago. Having three siblings, only one child (male) who was born as normal, and 2 sisters including Ni Komang Srinakti was in defective condition.

Ni Komang Srinakti lived with her parents: I Nyoman Teka and Ni Nengah Ngenu, who daily worked as a seasonal salak farming worker. While on the rest of the days, they worked on every job available.

Ni Komang Srinakti slept in a small box, at the kitchen. Her house was settled approximately 150 meters on the west course of Dusun Putung.

Your assistance to this family can be in form of money for living expenses and groceries.

Here are some documentations taken.

Komang Srinakti
With Her Parents

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