Komang Telabah, elderly living alone in Br. Dinas Yeh Bunga, Jungutan Village, Bebandem, Karangasem

Visit : March 5th 2020

Name: Komang Telabah (M / Around 60 Years Old)

Occupation: Occasional Laborer

Address: Br. Dinas Yeh Bunga, Jungutan Village, Bebandem Sub-District, Karangasem Regency

Sibling Name: Ni Komang Tegteg (F/ Around 45 years old)

Occupation: Laborer in the markets

Contactable Telephone Number: 0852-3840-0091, Wayan Sudarsana – BCC Volunteer in Karangasem Region

Category: Elderly Living Alone

Bank Account: Bank BRI, No.: 4608-01-016348-53-9, Beneficiary: I Komang Telabah

Permanent Donors:

  1. Nyoman Rupiasih, Rp. 100.000 every month, starting from June 2020
  2. Zakiah, Rp. 100.000 every month, starting from June 2020
  3. Please contact us further if you would like to be a permanent donor for the concerned

Update on May 17th 2020; Komang Telabah has received aid in the form of a mattress.


Komang Telabah has never married, he lives alone in his house. His nephew, who suffers from a mental illness, lives beside his house (his nephew will be startled if too many people come by). Not far from his house lives his younger sibling, Ni Komang Tegteg, who is also unmarried, their financial condition are categorized as impoverished.

Source of Income:

  • Komang Telabah works as a laborer with an income of Rp. 60.000 per day. He may work as much as 8-12 times in a month.
  • He does not receive financial aid from the government.

Home Conditions: Worrying, the roof of the house has very nearly caved in on itself, there are leaks everywhere, the condition of the house is weathered. To reach his house, we needed to walk for around 200 meters.

  • Bedroom: 1
  • Bed divan: 1
  • Mattress: None, he sleeps on an empty sack
  • Floor made of dirt
  • Walls made from woven bamboo
  • Roof made out of woven bark
  • No electricity
  • No running water, the nearest source of water is 500 meters away from Komang Telabah’s house
  • Status of land: Cultivated

The condition of the younger sibling, Ni Komang Tegteg is also a cause for concern and is potentially dangerous, the condition of the home is sloped, and is close to collapsing.

Your aid to Komang Telabah may be in the form of:

  • Beds and pillows
  • Basic food or financial aid to purchase daily necessities
  • Chickens for farming
  • Financial aid to build a simple home

Below are some pictures we took

Address: Br. Dinas Yeh Bunga, Jungutan Village, Bebandem Sub-District, Karangasem Regency.
Coordinates: 8°26’09.8″S 115°31’17.0″E (View on Google Maps)

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