Made Sirun, poor elderly couple in Angseri Village of Baturiti, Tabanan

Category: Tabanan

Date of Visit : December 6th, 2015

Name : I Made Sirun (M/66 yo)

Occupation : Cattle caretaker

Address : Br. Munduk Lumbang Kaja, Angseri Village, Baturiti Sub-District, Tabanan Regency

Wife : Ni Nyoman Konten (F/64 yo)

Occupation : Cattle caretaker


  • I Nyoman Krepiawan ; his son, 082144542654
  • Ni Wayan Biasa ; his neighbor, 085237407229
  • Ni Made Ayu Suastuti ; BCC Tabanan Volunteer, 082247463663

It would be very grateful if you would like to be her permanent contributor. We would be very pleased to provide a special bank account under her name, therefore you can donate directly. 


I Made Sirun lives with his wife. They have 5 children, 2 of them were already passed away. The rest of their children have grown up and married and also live in the same village, they work as a farm land labor. Their economic condition is also below average.

House Condition; broken cement floor, board wall, many holes on the wall, tile roof, old building approximately it was built in 1959, many parts of the house are broken, there is only one bed room and a kitchen.

Earning sources: Due they are already old, they can only take care of the cattle owned by someone else. They don’t earn any regular salary monthly or daily, they will get money if the cattle is sold by the owner. They also sell traditional vegetables for living. They eat nasi cacah (sweet potato mixed rice).

Your donation to this family can be in form of basic needs of funds to buy daily needs or to support house reconstruction.

Here we provide several documentations that we could take during the visit.

Wall hole
Broken wall

Video documentation we took on December 6, 2015.

Address : Br. Munduk Lumbang Kaja, Angseri Village, Baturiti Sub-District, Tabanan Regency
Coordinates: 8°20’52.4″S 115°09’04.5″E (View on Google Maps)

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