Made Srianten, Poor Family in Banjar Dinas Nyuh, Lemukih Village, Sawan, Buleleng

Category: Buleleng, Poor Family

Date of Visit : 18 November 2016

Name : Made Srianten (M/44 y.o)

Occupation : Farm Labor

Address : Br. Dinas Nyuh, Lemukih Village, Sawan Sub-District, Buleleng Regency

Wife : Sang Ayu Suarsini (F/40 y.o)

Occupation : Farm Labor

Available Contacts:

  • 0812-3801-978, Made Srianten
  • 0878-6142-7544, Lemukih Village Secretary; Mr. Ketut Arsana
  • 0819-9909-6741, Lemukih Village Officer ; Mr. Gede Gunasari
  • 0819-3667-7020, Lemukih Village Officer; Mr. Made Astrawan

Information : Poor Family

Bank Account: Bank BRI unit Pasar Anyar Singaraja, No.: 4756-01-007425-53-5, Beneficiary: Made Srianten

Regular Donors:

  1. Please contact us if you would like to become a regular donor.

Update on December 22nd, 2016; Made Srianten get clean water installation.

Update on January 6th, 2017; Made Srianten received donation of a bicycle and 1 set of Walking Stick.

Update on January 11st, 2017; Made Srianten received cattle assistance.


Made Srianten and his wife has 3 children, namely:

  1. Son; Gede Urip Waraguna (M/13 y.o/1st level of Junior High School)
  2. Daughter; Made Dwi Adnyani (F/9 y.o/3rd level of Elementary School)
  3. Daughter; Komang Sintha Darmayani (F/18 months baby)

His son, Gede Urip Waraguna goes to school with his friend who has a motorbike.

His Daughter, Made Dwi Adnyani goes to school on foot and it takes around 20 minutes.

Source of earnings:

  • Made Srianten: works as farm labor and paid IDR 70.000 per day, he could work around 10-20 days per month. He also provides an electronic, e.g. TV service to add his earning.
  • His wife, Sang Ayu Suarsini: works as farm labor and paid IDR 70.000 per day, she could work around 10-20 days per month. But, now she could not work because her waist is hurt as she fell down from a clove tree when she worked as clove picker 3 months ago. She has given a surgery action in RSU Sanglah using Kartu Indonesia Sehat (KIS) as a guarantee.
  • They get rice donation for the poor family from the Indonesian Government 5 kg per month.

Living Cost:

  • Free school fee for their children
  • Money for the first child IDR. 5.000, and second child IDR. 2.000 per day.
  • Free medical services for Sang Ayu Suarsini guaranteed by Kartu Indonesia Sehat (KIS)

House Condition:

  • The Number of Bed Room: 1
  • The Number of Bed Frame: 2
  • The Number of Mattress: 2
  • Soil Floor covered by Plastic
  • Wall made from wood and bamboo
  • Tin roof
  • Electricity is available
  • There is no water source near their house.
  • Other rooms; kitchen, shed
  • Land Status: owned land, 200 m2
  • House Location: about 500 meters from the road, motor bike access

Your donation to this family can be in form of;

  • Basic daily needs or funds to buy it.
  • Funds for their children.
  • Bike for their children for school.
  • School equipment, bag, shoes, books, and stationary.¬†
  • Funds for house reconstruction (floor and wall) or to build simple house.
  • Water pipe connection to his house.
  • Walker stick


Made Srianten & Wife
Made Srianten & Wife
Side of the house
Bedr 1
Bed 1
Bed 2
Bed 2

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