Mangku Taman, elderly living alone in Br. Bukit Kangin, Tenganan Village, Manggis, Karangasem

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Date of visit: April 5th, 2018

Nama: Mangku Taman (Male/around 60 years old)

Occupation: Gathering firewood to sell

Address: Br. Bukit Kangin, Tenganan Village, Manggis, Karangasem

Contact Person: 0821-4755-9595, I Gede Yatha Wisnawa, BCC’s volunteer for Karangasem Area

Category: elderly living alone

Update on May 22nd, 2018; We did not succeed in making a bank account for him.

Update on November 3rd, 2018; Mangku Taman is passed away.


Mangku Taman lives alone, he have never been married. He’s often sick: short of breath; high blood pressure etc.

Source of Income: he usually gather firewood to be sell to his neighbours, which is not generating much income. He has been receiving “rice for the poor (Raskin)” program from the government, about 15 kgs every 3-4 months at a price of Rp 24.000.

His house located in the middle of the farm, on top of the hill. It feels like going inside the woods to reach his house. The access to get there, about 2.6 kms, consists of narrow road that only fit one car. It makes it hard if another car coming from the other direction. Also, to reach his house, we need to walk 300 meters along the farm.

His house condition is quite bad, the back part of the wall has broken-down.

  • Bedroom: 1
  • Bed Base: 1
  • Bed: 1, donated by BCC’s donor
  • Other room: kitchen, almost collapse
  • No proper floor
  • Wall made of bamboo woven and used rice sack, the back part of the wall has broken-down. 
  • Roof from corrugated iron
  • Electricity Access
  • No water access, he has to walk 200 meters to get water.
  • Land status: as a cultivator

Should you wish to help Mangku Taman, please kindly consider to donate:

  • Groceries or financial aid to buy daily needs.
  • Financial aid to build simple house
  • Financial aid to help paying the medical bill (buying medication as he often sick)
  • Water access

Below are some pictures that we took during our visit. 

House terrace
House terrace
Inside the house broken
Inside the house
Inside the house
Inside the house
Mangku Taman
Mangku Taman

Address: Br. Bukit Kangin, Tenganan Village, Manggis, Karangasem
Coordinates: 8°28’23.2″S 115°34’45.2″E (View on Google Maps)

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