Mrs. Marja de Jong’s visit

On June 17th and 20th, 2017, BCC’s donor; Mrs. Marja de Jong from Netherland reported her visit to some of the underprivileged family in Karangasem. Here is the quote of her report :

“With my friend Wayan Tirta and his wife Nyoman I have visited I Wayan Sukarya in Jungutan and I Made Rawan in Sibetan. We have visited both 2 times, on 17 and 20 June.

The mother from Sukarya is in bad condition, but not wants to see a doctor. His brother is divorced and now also lives there. Unbelievable that Wayan with his handicapped body still climbs the coconut trees. We brought sembako, blanket and pillows and mattress and vitamines and paracetamol and gave 200.000 rp.

Made Rawan I think has a strong willing to survive, has a very basic life but does not complain. We brought sembako, pillow, vitamines and gave 200.000 rp. Although there was heavy rain when we were there, the roof was not leaking, but the house is in very bad condition. When the neighbours go to the market, they ask him if he needs anything and bring it. He cannot go himself because he almost cannot walk. Very special man!

Best regards, Marja de Jong”

Below are the documentation of her visit.

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