Ni Ketut Cemol, Poor Elderly Who Lives Alone in Payangan Gianyar

Time of visit: February 6th, 2015

Name: Ni Ketut Cemol (F/75 y.o)

Occupancy: Make porosan; prayer media that made of areca and bettel leaf wrapped with lime.

Address: Br. Jaang Pondokan Leg, Buahan Kelod village, Payangan district, Gianyar regency.

Note: Poor elderly who lives alone

Update on June 15th, 2015; We did not succeed in making a bank account for her.


Ni Ketut Cemol lives by herself in the middle of Tegalan. Her husband already passed away long time ago, they do not have children. To support her daily needs, she makes porosan to sell, “I get Rp 5.000 per day” she said in Balinese language.

Her house condition:main house is not occupied as it was leaking and the its pillars already rickety like it is going to collapse, the wood had rotted. She sleeps in the kitchen, no mattress, only on the fabric.

Because of its location is quite far from the main road, if you would like to pay her a visit please contact her niece: Ni Putu Karyani at 085339287251, she will take you to Ni Ketut Cemol’s house.

Your assistance to her could be in form of basic needs, mattress, pillows or financial support to buy her daily needs.

Below are some documentations we took.

Ketut Cemol
Main House
Sleep in the Kitchen

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