Ni Komang Ayu, an orphan in Desa Batukandik, Nusa Penida

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Date of Visit: 22 April 2016

Name: Ni Komang Ayu Candra Dewi (female / 4½)

Address: Banjar Bingin, Batukandik village, Nusa Penida sub district, Klungkung regency

Name of Grandfather: I Made Sokong (male / in his 60s), small-scale farmer

Name of Grandmother: Ni Made Sangid / Men Patis (female / about 55), small-scale farmer

Phone number for contact: 081236535261 – Wayan Urip; BCC volunteer for the Nusa Penida area

Further information: an orphan

Bank Account Details: Bank BRI, Batununggul branch, No.: 4745-01-012620-53-9, in the name of: Ni Made Sangid

Regular Donor:

  1. Angelmartz Uluwatu, 300.000 Rupiah per month starting May 2016
  2. Please contact us if you would like to become a regular donor for this girl.

Update on December 13rd, 2016; Ni Komang Ayu received mattress and pillow donation.

Update on April 26th, 2020; Ni Komang Ayu received house renovation assistance, mattress and cupboard assistance.


Ni Komang Ayu (female / 4½) never knew her father as she was born out of wedlock. Her mother remarried and moved to Buleleng and has never returned. She is cared for by her grandparents.

Both of her grandparents work as farmers on land which depends only on rainfall and which therefore can only planted in the rainy season (one crop per year). During the dry season they cannot plant crops on their land. At best they tend a cow and some pigs. Their income is irregular. They get money from their farm produce after harvest or when the cow and pigs are sold.

The state of their dwelling: The floor is compacted limestone and cement, the walls are made of blocks, and the roof is of asbestos cement sheeting. There is a bedroom with no mattress and a kitchen. There is electricity and running water.

You could support Ni Komang Ayu and her family by providing a mattress, by providing basic food needs or by donating money for them to buy their daily necessities. You could also assist her grandparents to buy a cow and some pigs.

Please find below some additional information.

Ni Komang Ayu
Ni Komang Ayu

Below please find a video which we took on 22 April 2016.

Address: Banjar Bingin, Batukandik village, Nusa Penida sub district, Klungkung regency
Coordinates: 8°45’35.5″S 115°33’46.5″E (View on Google Maps)

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  1. Admin says:

    @Kay Duignan. Thank you for your donation. We will send you an email later today. Thanks again.

  2. Kay Duignan says:

    Hi I made donation for this beautiful girl today I would like to be a monthly sonar. Kay

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