Ni Luh Juniantari, Duda Timur village, Selat, Karangasem

Category: Karangasem, Orphan

Date of visit : Friday, August 22, 2014

Name : Ni Luh Juniantari (female/4 years old)

Grandfather : Wayan Dana, has asthma, unemployment

Grandmother : Wayan Dunung, boiled corn and peanuts seller around the village

Address : Br. Putung, Duda Timur village, Selat sub district, Karangasem regency

Remarks : Orphan

Bank Account: Bank BPD Bali Capem Selat, No.: 025 02.07.00307-4, Beneficiary: Ni Luh Juniantari QQ I Wayan Dana


  1. IGD, IDR 100.000 per month, from July 2015
  2. Komunitas Hati Kecil, 100.000 Rupiah per month starting July 2018
  3. Please contact us if you would like to become a regular donor.

Update on April 20th, 2017; her family has received cattle assistance.

Update on November 23rd, 2019; Ni Luh Juniantari received bicycle assistance.


Ni Luh Juniantari (p/4 years old) is an orphan, raised by her grandparents. After her father passed away, her mom went back to her hometown.

Her grandparents are elderly, her grandfather is suffered from asthma and is not able to work anymore. Whereas her grandmother sells boiled corn/peanut around the village only during corn/peanut harvest season. On off-season, she could not do the work. Therefore, they often ask for food from the neighbors.

The house condition is quite feasible because of the government’s house renovation program. BCC will create a bank account for Ni Luh Juniantari so that you can help her directly. In case you want to meet her, BCC can take you there, or you can contact BCC volunteer of Karangasem area: Ibu IIuh at 081805471715 or 085205505300.

Here is some documentation taken.

1 Luh Suantari_s
Luh Juniantari
2 Senang Boneka_s
Love the Doll
3 Kakek & Nenek_s
Grandma & Grandpa
4 Rumah_s
5 Tempat Tidur_s
6 Dapur_s

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