Ni Wayan Rame, 42 yo sell Sate Lilit for living

Category: Jembrana

Date of Visit: April 24th 2015

Name: Ni Wayan Rame

Sex/Age: F/65 yo

Occupation: Walking sate lilit seller

Address: Danau Sentani st., Br. Peken, Ketapang area, Lelateng Village, Negara sub-distric, Jembrana Regency

Husband: I Komang Suena (M/67 yo)

Occupation: Sate lilit maker

Son: I Wayan Budiastika (wife: Ni Kadek Sri)

Phone Number: 087862504917 (Ni Kadek Sri)

Information: Poor family

It would be very grateful if you would like to be her permanent contributor. We would be very pleased to provide a special bank account under her name, therefore you can donate directly.


Ni Wayan Rame (F/65 yo) and her husband; I Komang Suena (M/67 yo) have been being a walking sate lilit seller for about 42 years, however they can only sell their sate if they get a fish only, the cannot sell sate every day “it is been no fish available, I have not sold any sate for a week” she said. She can earn IDR 20.000 – IDR 30.000 from sate selling per day.

There are 5 children in the house; 3 of them was already married, 2 are still single. The last child; I Wayan Budiastika and his wife are stay together in the same yard with Ni Wayan Rame. Wayan Budiastika is a gasoline retailer and his wife work as a house maid.

Ni Wayan rame’s house condition; brick wall, broken cement floor, asbestos roof, there are so many hole on the wall and they are covered by cigarette cardboard.

The house condition of her son and daughter in law; Wayan Budiastika his wife Ni Kadek Sri are more pity; soiled floor, there are no wall, door or window in the front side of the house, the back and the sides of the house is covered by bamboo and used banner, most of the house equipment and utensils are already broken.

Your donation is also accepted in a form of basic daily needs, funds to buy daily needs and to repair the house.

Below are some of the documentations.

Wyn Rame’s House
Wyn Rame’s House
Wyn Budiastika’s House

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