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Friday, December 9, 2022

Nyoman Budiarta, poor family in Br. Nangka, Lemukih Village, Sawan, Buleleng

Date of Visit : 18 November 2016

Name : Nyoman Budiarta ( Male / 55 years )

Occupation : Hodge

Address : Br. Nangka, Lemukih Village, District Sawan, Buleleng

Wife’s name : Ni Luh Martini (Female / 50 years)

Job : Selling traditional food

The phone numbers can be contacted:

  • 0878-6142-7544, Plt. Sekdes Lemukih; Bp. Ketut Arsana
  • 0819-9909-6741, Kaur Lemukih Rural Development; Bp. Gede Gunasari
  • 0819-3667-7020, Kaur, Welfare Village Lemukih; Bp. Made Astrawan

Category: Poor family

If you want to become regular donors, we’ll create a bank account on the their behalf, so you can help them directly.

Update on February 10th, 2017; Nyoman Budiarta received capital fund assistance.


Budiarta Nyoman and his wife had two daughters, both of them whom are married and living with each her husband.

Source of income :

  • Nyoman Budiarta : Working as a laborer with a wage of Rp. 70,000 per day, he could work an average of 15 days a month.
  • His wife Luh Mertini : Selling traditional food with nett income of Rp. 50,000 per day, she could sell 4 – 5 days in 1 month.
  • They get rice for poor families from the government as much as 5 kg per month.

The Condition of their home :

  • Number of bedrooms: 1
  • Number of beds: 1
  • Number of beds: no mattresses, sleeping mats
  • Soil floor
  • The walls of bamboo is covered with tarpaulins and banners
  • Roofs of zinc
  • Electricity
  • Water 
  • The kitchen mixes with a bed, in the same room
  • Status of land : Freehold
  • Location of the house : on the roadside

You can help this family as follow :

  • Mattresses and pillows
  • Food or fund for cost of living daily
  • Funds for renovating the house (floor and walls), or for the manufacture of a modest home
  • Capital funds to open a Warung

Here are some of the documentations that we had taken :

Inside the house
Inside the house

Below please find a video documentation which we took on 18 November 2016.

Address : Br. Nangka, Lemukih Village, District Sawan, Buleleng
Coordinates: 8°12’13.0″S 115°11’00.5″E (View on Google Maps)

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