Nyoman Sudira, a needy family with 2 children suffering from Cerebral Palsy in Desa Bedulu, Blahbatuh, Gianyar

Date of Visit: 6 August 2016

Name: I Nyoman Sudira (male / 41)

Occupation: makes incense sticks, installs stone flooring

Address: Banjar Wanayu, Bedulu village, Blahbatuh sub district, Gianyar regency

Wife’s Name: Ni Made Artini (female / 38)

Occupation: assists her husband making incense while looking after the 2 children at home

Phone number for contact: 085333770836

Information: a needy family with two children suffering from Cerebral Palsy (CP)

Bank Account: Bank BRI, No.: 4654-01-011148-53-5, in the name of: I Nyoman Sudira

Regular Donors:

  1. Deasy Damayanti Velner, 100.000 Rupiah per month starting September 2016
  2. Please contact us if you would like to become a regular donor


I Nyoman Sudira and his wife have 3 children, as follows:

  1. Child I; Ni Wayan Belayani (female / 13.5) suffers from Cerebral Palsy
  2. Child II; Ni Kadek Novi Ardiani (female / 9 / Class 3 Elementary School) is normal
  3. Child III; I Nyoman Dio Suardiana (male / 3.5) suffers from Cerebral Palsy

The two children with cerebral palsy are limp and cannot sit, talk, etc. but can only lie down / sleep. They have had Cerebral Palsy since they were 2-3 weeks old.

Source of income

  • I Nyoman Sudira: works making incense and laying stone flooring. His income is not regular. His incense is only saleable when there are temple ceremonies or religious festivals. And he can only lay flooring when there is an order. Much of his time is spent taking his children to therapy sessions three times a week.
  • The two children with cerebral Palsy have therapy 3 times a week:
  • 2 therapy sessions take place at the The Legong Peduli Kasih in Sukawati Gianyar; the sessions are free of charge
  • 1 therapy session takes place at the General Hospital in Sanglah using JKBM; the therapy is free of charge but the cost of medicines is 300,000 Rupiah per month
  • The cost of hiring a vehicle to take the children to the The Legong in Sukawati and the General Hospital in Sanglah 3 x per week @ 200,000 Rupiah per trip = 600,000 Rupiah per week.

Their house is in reasonable condition. There are 3 bedrooms, all with beds and mattresses. The living room also has mattresses for the children to sleep / lie down during the day.

  • The floor is tiled
  • The walls are brick
  • The roof is tiled
  • There is electricity
  • There is running water
  • There are mattresses
  • They own the land their house is on

Your assistance can be in the form of:

  • Basic daily necessities or money to buy those necessities
  • Money for school fees for the second child
  • Money for the cost of medicines and therapy
  • Disposable nappies and bathing needs such as baby oil, powder, baby soap, etc.

Please find below additional information about this family.

Child I
Child I
Child III
Child III
Living room
Living area

Below please find a video documentation which we took on 6 August 2016.

Address: Banjar Wanayu, Bedulu village, Blahbatuh sub district, Gianyar regency
Coordinates: 8°27’08.9″S 115°30’59.7″E (View on Google Maps)

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