Putu Fredy & Komang Agus, 2 orphaned brothers in Banjar Putung, Desa Duda Timur, Selat, Karangasem

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Date of Visit: 15 July 2016

Name: I Putu Fredy Ananta Putra (male / 10 / class 4 primary school)

Name of the younger brother: I Komang Agus Triadinata (male / 6 / class 1 primary school)

Name of Grandfather: I Wayan Pondra (male / 60), occupation: labourer

Name of Grandmother: Ni Luh Telaga (female / 60 / occupation: makes small offerings for ceremonies

Address: Banjar Putung, Duda Timur village, Selat district, Karangasem regency

Telephone number for contact:

  • 085337199253, the grandfather of the boys, I Wayan Pondra
  • 085237077926, Bapak Made Puja; an official in Banjar Putung, Selat, Karangasem

Information: orphans

Bank Account: Bank BPD Bali, No.: 025 02.02.08298-4, Beneficiary: I Putu Fredy Ananta Putra QQ I Wayan Pondra

Regular Donors:

  1. Siska Widyawati Nugroho, 50.000 Rupiah per month starting July 2018
  2. Yongky Silaputra, 100.000 Rupiah per month starting October 2019
  3. Please contact us if you would like to become a regular donor.

Update on August 13rd, 2016; Putu Fredy & Komang Agus received new bicycle donation.


I Putu Fredy and his younger brother I Komang Agus are orphans. Their father was killed in a traffic accident 5 years ago and their mother married again. They are both looked after by their grandfather and grandmother.

Source of income:

  • Their grandfather works as a labourer on building sites and receives 60,000 Rupiah per day. He works about 15 days per month.
  • Their grandmother makes small ceremonial offerings; these are made by hand from material from the ate tree. She receives about 100,000 Rupiah per month while looking after the children at home.

The condition of their house: the ceiling has collapsed and the roof beams are in a bad state of repair. Because the house is not liveable, the grandmother and the two boys sleep in a room in her nephew’s house, which is in the same compound. The nephew is in Singaraja. The grandfather still sleeps in his own house. 

  • The floor is ceramic tiles
  • The walls are made of brick but mouldy
  • The roof is tiled
  • There is a mattress
  • There is electricity
  • There is running water
  • They own the land

Your support for this family could be in the form of:

  • Basic daily needs or money to buy those needs.
  • Money for school fees and pocket money for school, pocket money is 2,000 Rupiah per day per child.
  • The children’s school needs; bags, shoes, books and pens / pencils
  • Bicycles for the children to go to school
  • Funds for the renovation of the house: roof, ceiling, paint

Please find below some documentation on this family.

Grandfather & Grandmother
Grandfather & Grandmother
Living room
Living room
Perforated ceiling
Broken ceiling
Grandfather bedroom
Grandfather bedroom
Nephew house
Nephew house
Grandmother bedroom
Grandmother bedroom

Below please find a video which we took on 15 July 2016.

Address: Banjar Putung, Duda Timur village, Selat district, Karangasem regency
Coordinates: 8°27’09.8″S 115°30’57.3″E (View on Google Maps)

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