Putu Tiara, abandoned child in Dusun Bingin, Batukandik Village, Nusa Penida, Klungkung

Date of visit: 10 January 2019

Name: Ni Putu Tiara Dewi (Female/6 years old/kindergarten)

Address: Dusun Bingin, Batukandik Village, Nusa Penida, Klungkung

Grandmother’s name: Ni Wayan Tangsi (Female/68 years old)

Occupation: Farmer

Contact person: 0853-3386-5221 – I Komang Sugiarta; Head of Dusun Bingin

Details: Abandoned child

Bank Account Details: Bank BRI unit Batununggul, Number: 4745-01-016929-53-7, beneficiary: Ni Wayan Tangsi QQ Ni Putu Tiara Dewi

Regular Donor:

  1. Ni Wayan Desi, 100.000 Rupiah per month starting February 2019
  2. Balipockets Ann-Kathrin Voigt covers the costs for her school supplies, starting February 2019
  3. Awidiya Widnyani, 50.000 Rupiah per month starting March 2022
  4. Binar Amandjiwa, 100.000 Rupiah per month starting July 2022
  5. We respectfully request that you consider assisting other needy families to ensure that the support provided is more evenly distributed.

Update on March 1st, 2019; Putu Tiara received mattress, pillow, bolster and sheet assistance

Update on March 9th, 2019; Putu Tiara received school bag, shoes, socks assistance


Ni Putu Tiara Dewi (Female/6 years old/Kindergarten) lives with her grandparents, her parents have divorced. Her father remarried and lives in Sumatra (joining the transmigration program). So does her mother, she remarried and lives in Sumatra. Putu Tiara school located 500 metres from her house, she goes to school by foot.

Source of income:

  • Her grandparents work as farmer, planting/harvesting season only happens once a year during the rainy season. During dry season they could not farm because the condition of the dry land.
  • To gain extra income they take care of one cow that belongs to their neighbour. 
  • They haven’t received the rice for the poor (Raskin) program from the government.

Living cost:

  • School fee: Rp. 5.000 per month.
  • Pocket money: Rp. 2.000 per day, sometimes she doesn’t get the pocket money.

House condition: they received a house renovation aid from the government of Klungkung Regency.

  • Bedroom: 2
  • Bed base: 1
  • Bed: 1
  • Cemented floor
  • Brick (batako) wall
  • Asbestos roof
  • Electricity (aid from PLN)
  • No water access, they ask for water from the neighbours
  • Land Status: belongs to Banjar (local authority)

Should you wish to help Putu Tiara, please kindly consider to donate:

  • Bed and pillow
  • Groceries or funds to buy daily needs.
  • Funds to help the school fee/pocket money
  • Kids bike, school equipment ; bag, shoes, books and stationery
  • Cattle for his grandparents

Below are some pictures and video that we took during our visit.

Grandfather & Grandmother
Grandfather & Grandmother
Inside the house
Inside the house
Bedroom 1
Bedroom 1
Bed 1
Bed 1
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 2
Bed 2
Bed 2

Address: Dusun Bingin, Batukandik Village, Nusa Penida, Klungkung
Coordinates: 8°45’54.3″S 115°32’42.5″E (View on Google Maps)

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  1. Admin says:

    @Lesley Stronach. We will reply to you via email. Thank You.

  2. Lesley Stronach says:

    I am interested in helping this little girl wth money to help wth school fees and pocket money.
    We are visiting Bali in August and thought she might like some clothes and things from my 6 year old grandaughter. Would it be possible to meet her and her family and give these to her?
    My husband and I would also be interested in volunteering wth you for a few days or half days.
    Thank you

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