Raudlatul Ma’mur Orphanage Buleleng

Category: Orphanage

Visiting Date: 18th May 2012

Caregiver: Bp. Asmawan Syamsi

Phone.: 081338604933/0362-94721

Address: Pejarakan Village (Goris), Gerokgak District, Buleleng Regency

Remarks: It’s located close to Mimpi Resort

Foster children: 59 persons

This orphanage was established since 1991, now fostering 59 children, 14 elementary school-aged children (SD), 44 junior high school-aged children (SMP) and 1 senior high school-aged child (SMA).

Daily needs are gained from the donors across Buleleng regency such as Mimpi Resort which is located close to this orphanage. The orphan children also raise goats and catfishes to help fulfilling their needs.

Similar with the other orphanage, their difficult time is during new school year when they have to pay school fees, to buy school uniform and other school needs.

Your donation to this orphanage can be in form of school allowance, daily needs: rice, cooking oil, spices such as onion, garlic and chili, used clothes, bedding equipments and bathing equipments.

Here are some documentations taken.

Bapak Astawan
Taking picture
Playing music
Playing music
Gifts for the children
Boy’s dormitory
Girl’s dormitory
Girl’s dormitory
Dining table
Goat pen

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