Semara Putra Orphanage Klungkung

Category: Orphanage

Visiting Date: 19th October 2012

Caretaker: Ibu Ni Made Gunasih

Phone.: 081 353 171 420/0366-25670

Address: Jl. Dewi Sartika No. 5 Semarapura, Klungkung

Foster children: 121 children; 75 boys, 46 girls

Bank account: Bank BRI Cab. Semarapura Rek. No. 0114-01-000078307

Permanent donors:

  1. Please contact us if you would like to become a regular donor.

Semara Putra orphanage is taking care of 121 foster children; 46 are elementary school-aged (SD) children, 35 are junior high school-aged (SMP) children and 40 are senior high school-aged (SMA) children. 90 of them are disabled; blind, deaf and mute, mental disability, physical disabled, and 1 autism. The disabled children are sent to special school for disabled (SLB) which is located right in front of the orphanage. 31 other children are normal, but they are orphans, or come from poor families, or are abandoned children. Most of them come from Nusa Penida.

This orphanage is cared by 7 caregivers. The interesting fact is, there is 1 foreign caregiver (Germany) teaching English in the orphanage.

In fulfilling their needs, the orphanage often has budget deficit at about Rp. 4 million every month. The number increase even more at the new school year when more money are needed to pay the children’s school fees, to afford school uniforms and also to purchase other school needs. Those who have to pay school fees are only the senior high school-aged children (because school fee tor elementary school and junior high school childrena are free). However, there are many extra costs should be paid beyond the school fees.

Your donation to this orphanage can be in form of school allowance funds, daily basic needs such as: rice, cooking oil, cooking ingredients including onions, garlic, chili, used clothes, bed equipments and bath equipments.

The documentations taken are as below:

Semara Putra Orphanage
The Orphanage Building
The Orphanage Building
The Orphanage Yard
The Orphanage Caregiver
The Orphanage Caregiver
The Foster Children
The Foster Children
The Foster Child
One Wheelchair for Two
Foreign Caregiver
Lifting the Rice Sack
‘Till We Meet Again

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6 Responses so far.

  1. Admin says:

    @Mandy. Please contact Mrs. Made Gunasih (the caretaker of the orphanage) for the arrangement of the visit, she can be reached on her mobile +62 813-5317-1420 or +62 366-25670. Thank you.

  2. Mandy says:

    Hello I am taking a team if 23 to Candidasa in January to do some mission work. We were hoping to visit and help out at an orphanage. Would this be ok with you if we came to help?
    Thanks, Mandy

  3. Admin says:

    @Eleni Seitis. Yes, please contact Ibu Made Gunasih (the caretaker of the orphanage) for the arrangement of the visit, she can be reached on her mobile 081353171420 or 0366-25670. Thank you.

  4. Eleni Seitis says:

    I am coming to Candidasa and Ubud next week for a few days. I do natural therapies on children in many countries as part of the work for a non-profit organisation. I would like to attend your orphanage and see how I and my team of therapists can assist you with the children. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Terima kasih

  5. Admin says:

    Dear Mr/s. Charlotte, thank you for your comment. Please inform us when the visit and where to pick you up on that day. We would be pleased to accompany you to the orphanage. Please email us for the arrangement. Regards, BCC.

  6. Loti says:

    Hello I am staying in Penestanan for several weeks and would like to enquire about visiting next week.
    I met Komang who kindly psased on your details.


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