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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Social Service with Christian Community of W Bali Seminyak in Karangasem

On December 10th 2016 BCC and Christian Community W Bali Seminyak hold a social events (social charity) to provide assistance to 12 poor families from Br. Baler Pasar and Br. Rendang Kelod, Rendang Village, Rendang Sub-District, of Karangasem Regency.


Each family was given:

  1. 10KG C4 Super Rice
  2. 1 Dos Sarimi Ayam
  3. 20 Sachets instant Coffee
  4. 20 Wangi Poci Tea
  5. 10 Sachets Wings Ekonomi 93 Soap
  6. Liquid Sunlight (Washing Dish Soap)
  7. 500Gr Sugar
  8. 3 pcs Ciptadent (tooth paste)
  9. Giv Bath soap
  10. ABC Sweet Ketchup 
  11. Money @ IDR 160,000

The activity was attended by:

  • Christian Community W Bali Seminyak; Felicia Steffi Ramada, Malvianus, Hendy Wijonyo, Emri Fredy Panjaitan, Erlina Wulandari, Marianus Un Asit, Ferrywati Juita Simanjuntak, Gideon Wibisono Karamoy, Tangkas Silitonga, Marshella Margaretha, Jhosua Panogari Hutapea, Tri Sulistyowati, Vina Adinata Widjaja, Calvin, Vanessa, Yohanna
  • BCC Volunteer; Fedy Romamti, Komang Arga

Name list of the 12 poor families are as follows:

  1. I Nyoman Jani (M/54 yo), poor family
  2. I Wayan Muliarta (M/31 yo), poor family
  3. I Wayan Sudri (M/86 yo), poor old who live with his nephew who suffer from mental disorder
  4. Ni Wayan Tegeg, poor old
  5. Ni Wayan Telaga, poor family
  6. I Ketut Rengut (M/70s yo), lonely poor old
  7. Ni Nyoman Roti (M/70s yo), lonely poor old
  8. Ni Nengah Ngembeng (F/45s yo), poor villager
  9. I Wayan Genti (M/50s yo), poor family
  10. Ni Wayan Gemuh, poor villager
  11. Ni Ketut Sringanti (F/80s yo), poor old
  12. Ni Wayan Suati, poor family

Here are several documentations that we could take during the activity.

Citizens gathered
Citizens gathered
Welcome speech

Here are some other photos.



Location of Social Service with Christian Community of W Bali Seminyak
Coordinates: 8°26’41.6″S 115°25’53.6″E (View on Google Maps)

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