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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Sunshine Educare, Denpasar

Name: Sunshine Educare

Contact Person: Elysa Heni Gita Puspita Ayu

Phone: 083 119 907 210

Address: Jl. Astasura Gg. Meteor No. 2, Peguyangan Kaja, Denpasar


Sunshine Educare (SEC) is  a community learning center of education, specifically provided for poor people. This activity is joined by students in wide range of age, start from early age education at 2 years old to 50 years old. SEC was established by Miss Elysa Gita on August 4, 2009, and started to operate in Denpasar in 2011. SEC joined social community mission which was established by Miss Tabita Nengah Suartini who support the school operational. At this time, we serve poor students in education ranging from 3-12 years old at our house.

For the age category, we divided our students into some levels, such as:

  • Early aged school (2-6 years old)
  • Elementary School (7-12 years old)
  • Entrepreneur skill and illiterate school (age 13-50 years old)

Sunshine Educare run together with Gloria Ministries in building the free illiterate Indonesia and introduce education to the poor community. Everyone deserve getting proper education without differentiating ages, social status, religion, race, culture, tribe, etc.



One day my husband and I sat on the front porch of our house, seeing our large enough yard, seeing our quite wide porch, and seeing one of our room was empty. There came in our mind to see children learn and play in our yard. I said to my husband “it would be nice if we open up a place for reading and writing course”. After a few weeks setting up the room for the course, we started to distribute flyers and bought teaching supplies.

It was one year since Sunshine Educare operates in teaching students. But luck was not on our side, some children were not able to pay course fees, some parents escaped without paying the course fees. We can just sighed and decided to close the course. So much costs, power, and thought were used.

Then in 2010, I felt my desire of serving children in education. My husband said “I don’t it’s the right time. Don’t you be haunted by the last course that we’ve opened? “I was silent and pray to God. “God what should I do, I miss to serve children in my house”.

At that time, there was an urge to open a social service and God showed the right way for me along with Miss Tabitha. The children of God were sent to our teaching, the parents who need skills also came to us. It turns out that God wants us to serve the social mission of education. And for us it’s very fun.

The above testimony was the trigger of the founding of Sunshine educare (SEC).


  1. At the moment, our main problem is place. As we just rent a simple house, we need more space for the students to learn and the surrounding is not convenient.
  2. Lack of funds. Since this project is operated by using personal account and the raising price of school facilities.
  3. Lack of teachers/volunteers to serve this mission.


Sunshine Educare was established for obvious reason such as:

  1. Serve poor people in term of education and skill.
  2. To bless, and become such grace channel for those in needs to get sufficient and helpful education in the future.
  3. To recover poor people’s economic condition in order to develop the country so that they can increase their life and play important role.


Area category

  1. Village: backward village (for early age education, illiterate, skill and entrepreneurship)
  2. Town: poor family (for early age education, illiterate, skill and entrepreneurship)

Age category

  1. 2-6 years old: early age education (Playgroup and Kindergarten)
  2. 7-12 years old: basic education (Elementary School)
  3. 13-17 years old: teenage education (Junior High School and Senior High School)
  4. 18-40 years old: youth education (entrepreneurship and skill)
  5. 41-50 years old: adult education (entrepreneurship and skill)

Needs category

  1. Special for children : < 7 years old: knowledge about nutrition, sanitation, and child’s development.
  2. Special for children: < 12 years old: knowledge about juvenile delinquency, etc.
  3. Special for teens: < 18 years old: knowledge about reproduction, motivation training, etc.
  4. Special for young adult: < 35 years old: knowledge about housewifery/marriage, entrepreneurship, etc.
  5. Special for adult: < 50 years old: adjusted
  6. Special for woman: age 20-50 years old: knowledge about entrepreneurship, housewifery, etc.
  7. Special for man: age 20-50 years old: knowledge about entrepreneurship, housewifery, etc.

We do hope that you all can take part in this social service mission.

Thank you and God bless you.

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