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  1. Angelia Angie says:

    Thank you BCC team for the opportunity. I really enjoy to share happiness with another people. Absolutely will be join for next event.

  2. Expedia group says:

    Working with Bali Caring Community is totally a big thump-up. We have been cooperating with BCC for two years in a row for our Cooperate Social Responsibility event. The staffs are very helpful and easy to reach anytime we need them. Also, they always give a handful of information that we needed. Their programs are clear and on point. They have a bunch of lists of donor-receivers with a defined explanation.

    Keep doing the good work Bali Caring Community! We would definitely recommend everyone to work with BCC šŸ™‚

  3. Tibor Lovas says:

    We were very lucky to have a chance to join Kadek and his team for an amazing trip around East Bali to survey the disadvantaged schools. It is very comforting to know that there is a caring community who manages all the complexity around donations and it was very nice to see how they truly provide help for the disadvantaged.

    Kadek and his community is a proof that God cares. Iā€™m honored to know you. Thank you for doing what you do. Big hug!

  4. Faith Fletcher-Ku says:

    Since being introduced to Bali Caring Community I want to share with you the importance that you can have full trust in the organisation you are donating into. I have experienced money diverted but not with this company. Every month we receive a copy of money paid into the bank and there is follow up by B.C.C. to ensure that all is well. I have with Marilyn Murray from the Australian group of Rainbows for Bali Children and my husband representing our group in Taiwan, visited the Grandmother and granddaughter twice. The donations have made it possible for the little girl to go to school and for the Grandmother to have enough food. We admire the grandmother who works long hours in the heat cutting reeds for a few R.P. but she keeps going, she has her dignity. Many others would not, but this wonderful caring grandmother is close to our heart. You can be assured if you donate through the Bali Caring Community not a dollar will be misused. Thank you to your company leader for freeing staff each week to work for your community.

  5. Denise Burton says:

    The team at BCC are a group of amazing people doing fantastic work for the vulnerable and disadvantaged people of Bali who are most in need. I have enjoyed sharing in many family and village visits where I have seen how your donations make a huge difference to the people BCC help.

  6. Shaun Mahadi says:

    BCC helps a lot of underprivileged people of Bali and I am so humble and honoured to be part of it. Thanks BCC for making the connections.

  7. Faith Ku says:

    My donations go directing to the people we nominate and each month we receive a copy of the bank transfer. They set up a bank account for the nominated person(s) so they are able to go and get the money. There is no many taken from your donations by this wonderful group. Last year along with Marilyn Murray from Rainbow for Bali Children we had a meeting with the staff who have made it possible for us to send monies from our own country and pay our donations to the people we nominate. Wonderful and honest group, could not have any better dedicated group in Bali.

  8. Terry Rolfe says:

    Hi Pak Kadek,

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed coming along with you on one of your trips while I was recently in Bali. To be honest, it was one of the nicest days that I have ever spent in Bali.

    Firstly, there was the lovely friendly people in the vehicle.

    Then there was the opportunity to go along back roads which I otherwise would not have travelled and see places which I otherwise would not have seen.

    But mainly it was the opportunity to meet the people who were the target of the expedition. I was completely overwhelmed by their gratitude. It was a very emotional day for me – a day which I shall never forget. I was very deeply moved by the experience and I want to thank you very sincerely for making me feel welcome and giving me the opportunity to be a part of your outstanding program.

    I hope to be able to join you again some time in the future.

    Thanks again and warm regards,


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