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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The 1st Visit to Pengotan Village Bangli

As usual, every first Friday of the month, in which on this opportunity was held on January 7, 2011, we visited “the new village” namely Pengotan Village in Bangli Regency. Departed from Denpasar at 9.15, after several times stopping on our way for asking direction, we finally arrived at the head of the Pengotan Village’s office at 11.10. We had gone through 59 km away to this village, in which the location was very close to Kintamani.

Incidentally we met the head of Pengotan Village, Bapak Wayan Arsana together with his staffs in the office. We received information from him that Pengotan Village today was still ranked on the first place regarding the number of poor families in Bangli Regency. Among 966 families, 517 of them were poor families, it was almost 60%. Furthermore, there was also malnutrition problem occur.

The Village Head & Staff
Village Office
Village Office
Village Office

In Pengotan village area including 8 dusun, most of the people were working as farmer, raising cows/pigs and weaving bamboo. We had noted that the condition of this village was “quite similar” to the Nawa Kerti Village; the land is quite fertile, the wheater was chill, cows/pigs farms, bamboo woven, almost nothing different.

The donation from the government for this village was the “house renovation” program. In 2010 this donation had been implemeted for 48 units of houses. So far, there was no other donation either from the government or from private sector.

Unfortunately, it was the time for the village’s head and his staffs to go back home, because we didn’t make an appointment before, we cannot visited the poor families on this occasion – “we are going to prepare everything next month” the village’s head said. Well, we will come back next month to learn about what we can do to help the poor families in this village.

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