The 2nd Visit to Nawa Kerti Village Karangasem

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According to the plan, today, Friday, August 6, 2010, we visit Nawa Kerti Village, Abang, Karangasem again with Ibu Dawn and Johan. Accompanied by two village officers, we visit 2 poor families such as the family of: 1) Bapak Ketut Soma who live with his wife Ni Wayan Sinta and his two sons, 2) Bapak Nyoman Suma and his wife Ni Ketut Soma living far high on the hill, away from everywhere, 3) Bapak Nyoman and his 7 childrens.

Ketut Soma’s Family
Bed and Bedroom
Bamboo Woven
Nyoman Suma’s Family
Nyoman Suma’s House
The Way to the House
After School

On the way back from Bapak Nyoman Suma’s house, we meet 2 elementary school students, and have a slight chat with them. Then we’ve received an information that they usually leave home at 5 o’clock in the morning to go to school then walk for 2 hours, and they should also walk for 2 hours afterschool to go home. We suddenly decided to provide school equipments (shirts, bags, books, stationeries, used shoes, etc) to give more support to these children so that they will be more encouraged to study in the middle of limitation. We are going to come again to Nawa Kerti village on Friday, September 3, 2010, departing from Denpasar at 9 o’clock. If anybody wants to give donation, please contact us.

On this occasion, we would like to present our gratitude to Ibu Dawn, Johan, as well as the permanent volunteers and donors of BCC.

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